August 30, 2010

Busy as a Bee

So much on the go!
Feels good to see things checked off my to do list though....
Lots of stuff coming up...2 shoots to blog
Loads of photos from Nfld I still haven't shown
And...just some updates on the home front.
Really I'm going to do up a calendar to have everything up to date by Sept 27th :)
Thanks for checking in..... Happy Monday even though most of you are probably reading this on happy tuesday (if applicable)

August 26, 2010


Today I'm taking in Day 2 of the Creative Live/Jasmine Star workshop

Can you say wow!??!?!?!
Ironically when I first started photography I wanted to be Jasmine Star, I read her blog sometimes 2-3 times daily even though the post hadn't changed.
I always wanted to attend one of her workshops, but with that fee, plus the cost of a ticket from Toronto to California lets just say it wasn't quite a feasible expense.
So to say I'm thrilled to be able to take it in through this live/free experience is just ah-may-zing!
Yet in watching her, learning from her, taking lots of notes. I'm realizing I'm not her and her style is definitely not my style. But this is good, this is okay.
I'm realizing that in being ME I'll draw the clients that I want. That revealing who I am, will in turn bring back the clients that "get me"
That alone I think was the most encouraging and reassuring thing I've taken from the experience thus far.
Obviously outside of the technical

However, I'm also at home today with Jesse and my 4 year old Godson Tristan so how much I'll actually be able to take in this afternoon....who knows?!?! But I'll have it playing in the background and hope for the best.
Sidenote....I think I may have taught Tristan the word nuisance today?!?!
Boone was at the door scratching to go out.
I'm like "Boone do you really need to go out or are you being a nuisance?"
Totally distracted by preparing lunch in the kitchen, I didn't even realize what I had said until I heard Tristan, who was sitting patiently at the kitchen table say....
"I think he's being a nuisance....."


Not to mention since Saturday my eyes, eyelids more specifically have been swelling to ridiculous looking extremes. Today is no exception! 
I have a theory as to what it is but not quite sure. I "think" it may be a new makeup/cream product I tried....eeesh!!!! Will have to keep an eye on that ....ha ha....pun totally intended!

And last but not least....Happy Anniversary to my Mom & Dad who are celebrating 34 years of wedded bliss :) Congrats and I love you both very much!

August 25, 2010

Not a Baker

I made cupcakes yesterday.
From a box.
I don't bake!
There's a reason I don't bake.
It drives me crazy!
It makes a mess, a mess that I hate cleaning up.
The ingredient measurements are too exact. I'm more of a 'more or less' type of girl.
I loved the finished product!!
Chocolate cupcakes, french vanilla icing...ooey gooey goodness.
But no...I am not a baker!
I'd rather cook, thus being a foodie.

Okay so that's my rant for tonight....g'night all!

August 23, 2010


What a day!
Jesse is teething and going through a phase of separation anxiety at the same time.
Meaning along with fussiness due to pain and discomfort he has the added emotional stress of freaking out whenever he's not as close to me as he thinks she should be....eesh!
Earlier today I started going through some photos that I took in Newfoundland of Jesse and his great-grandmother. My Grandmother Ball, Grace.
There were a certain series of "nice" photos that I had taken of the two of them. A Sunday afternoon to be exact when Nan was dressed in her Sunday's best.
I searched every folder, CD, and memory card I could think of but with no luck couldn't find those images.
I was crushed....
These images are very important to me as it was one of the few things that I had on my ABSOLUTE to do list while visiting Newfoundland.
I even downloaded a card recovery program in hopes to find the images.
Again no luck.
Hubby sent me a text message on his lunchbreak to tell me he found the images on the memory card in HIS camera. I hadn't even thought about him taking one of my memory cards the other day.
To say I'm relieved is an understatement.

However if worse case scenario we didn't find them, I did have these few treasures :)

And this one...he's almost as big as Nan! LOL 
Sweet though :)

August 19, 2010

Just Because: Sisters

Remember Samantha from a couple of days ago?
Well I also did a mini session with her and her baby sister Hayley.
They're adorable together!
Here's why......

Hayley you're just the cutest!

Samantha & Hayley even though you're only my sisters in law I love you both like baby sisters :)

August 18, 2010


Today has been super productive.
So if you're awaiting a gallery of images, no worries.
It's coming soon!
And to hold you over...look at this yummy-ness!

Til tomorrow!

August 17, 2010

Just for Her: Samantha

To say she's beautiful is an under statement and truthfully just goes without saying.
She's smart, well spoken and your all around girl.
That's Samantha!
She just graduated from high school and to celebrate the occasion we headed out one beautiful morning to document the achievement.

This first set of images are my favourites from the day

The wind cooperated perfectly

You can easily see why this series is my fave

The garden series
Thanks to Mr & Mrs Parsons who so graciously allowed us to shoot in their beautiful garden

You're beautiful!

Samantha has already accomplished so much in her soon to be 18 years of life.
She's contributed and participated in many events across the province and country as a youth with a valued opinion. She's traveled to Europe and been involved in her school & community.

Samantha I know you will be great!
I know you have it in you to literally be whatever you choose.
May you always do good, contribute positively to society and just simply always be yourself.
Congratulations again on your graduation and here's to the next step!
With love and much appreciation, Christa

August 16, 2010

1-on-1 Session: Claudia Hung

I was on Facebook browsing the newsfeed. 
I noticed a friend was tagged in a slideshow of his weddings photos.
I gasped, and thought who the heck was his wedding photographer!?!?!?
Of course I clicked and discovered it was Claudia Hung
From that moment I was smitten.
With her talent, her style, her work as a whole.
Me being SUPER naive sent her an email
"Can I second shoot for you?"
She politely explained she had a team of assistants that shoots with her but she would gladly answer any questions that I may have. From that moment I'm sure Claudia regretted stating
For the past 18 months (approx) I have bombarded her with questions, I have followed and commented regularly on her blog, I have volunteered to walk her dogs, and pretty much anything that would get me closer to learning more from her, about her, because she was the real deal.

I decided that investing in one of her 1-on-1 mentoring sessions was the way to go.
Last week I spent 8 hours with Claudia (these sessions are supposed to be 4-ish hours....oops) 
We ate, we chatted, I learned, I tagged along to one of her e-sessions, I learned some more, then we headed back to her place to see how she processes her sessions and where Claudia would then answer the many questions I had about everything :)
I learned so much that only today has my mind stopped reeling and I'm actually able to understand and apply some of the things Claudia taught to me. I can honestly say that this one on one session has been the BEST investment I've made in my photography career thus far. Hands down!

And now without further ado, some of my images from Claudia's e-session with the super cute Shannon & Abel. I loved this couple and I loved watching Claudia interacting with them.
Check out Claudia's blog post of Shannon & Abel HERE
Her genius eye helped me capture images like this

And then this

My fave

As stated many times before, I was like a kid at Christmas. Words really can't express my thanks.
You are truly a gift. As a photographer, as a mentor, as a friend.
Thank you for not laughing too hard when I said I like jumping shots :)
Thank you for encouraging me.
Thank you for making me feel good about the direction I'm going in.
Thank you teaching me.
Thank you for being YOU!
With MUCH MUCH appreciation, Christa :)

August 13, 2010

That is All

To much to do
Too little sleep
Girls weekend with tree trekking tomorrow
Panic attack setting in
Will be back on track next week with posts for the last couple of shoots and my one-on-one session.
That is all.

Here's a couple of Jesse on a very foggy, misty rainy night in Newfoundland

Happy Friday!

August 12, 2010

My Fave Bridal Image

I've been going through Holly's & Jason's wedding photos, you know retouching, editing and so on. Now that I'm on a sensible computer!
And I came across this.......
So Much Love! 
Yep officially my favourite bridal image!
I'm sure it will be for a long time :)

August 11, 2010

Just Because: The Barnes Family

I was so sick of the rain in Newfoundland!
And I was concerned again for another portrait session if the weather would cooperate.
Yet the skies cleared up and gave the most awesome light for my mini family session with the Barnes family.
They have the best view from the backyard of their beautiful home and that's where we took the images.
The Barnes family appreciate what they have and are thankful for it.

Then we have Billy & Michael, the boys, brothers and friends.
You can tell Billy loves his little brother dearly

Now I'm told Billy can be shy but he really wasn't that bad. He chatted away with me as soon as I showed up. However he did show one moment of shyness and I was able to catch it, so cute.

And Michael, well I could just take him and squish him up. He's so darn cute.

Mom & Dad - Wendi & Clifton
Wendi is a Mary Kay representative. Before I left her house she stocked me up on samples.
I just have to say what I've tried so far I've loved and will probably have to make a purchase in the near future...eesh! Good job Wendi, good job!!! LOL
Sidenote: She also does professional make up for weddings, events, etc so if you're looking for that sort of thing call her up. Contact me for her info.

Wendi, Clifton, Billy & Michael
Thank you for making me feel so welcomed into your home. I had lovely time.

And I'll finish up with this image.
My fave by far!!

August 10, 2010

Just for Her: Myrna

You might remember Myrna from my humble film beginnings HERE when she was expecting baby #1
Or you might remember Myrna from HERE when I did her Just for Her session last summer, that almost everyone I talk too THAT'S the session they talk about and love the most.

Well now Myrna is back and as beautiful as ever as she'll soon be welcoming baby #2

Baby #1 was Sarah who is now 3 and going to be a great big sister

Kisses for the baby


The light on the night of our session was yummy
Myrna you sure know how to work it!

Then this little nook that we found along the way stole my heart!
I could have stayed here all evening
I told Myrna I should book a whole day of mini sessions and they all be in this spot right there!


And last but not fave

Myrna, Sarah & Jamie (Daddy couldn't make it to the session) congrats on the new baby. Good luck and all the best!