August 26, 2010


Today I'm taking in Day 2 of the Creative Live/Jasmine Star workshop

Can you say wow!??!?!?!
Ironically when I first started photography I wanted to be Jasmine Star, I read her blog sometimes 2-3 times daily even though the post hadn't changed.
I always wanted to attend one of her workshops, but with that fee, plus the cost of a ticket from Toronto to California lets just say it wasn't quite a feasible expense.
So to say I'm thrilled to be able to take it in through this live/free experience is just ah-may-zing!
Yet in watching her, learning from her, taking lots of notes. I'm realizing I'm not her and her style is definitely not my style. But this is good, this is okay.
I'm realizing that in being ME I'll draw the clients that I want. That revealing who I am, will in turn bring back the clients that "get me"
That alone I think was the most encouraging and reassuring thing I've taken from the experience thus far.
Obviously outside of the technical

However, I'm also at home today with Jesse and my 4 year old Godson Tristan so how much I'll actually be able to take in this afternoon....who knows?!?! But I'll have it playing in the background and hope for the best.
Sidenote....I think I may have taught Tristan the word nuisance today?!?!
Boone was at the door scratching to go out.
I'm like "Boone do you really need to go out or are you being a nuisance?"
Totally distracted by preparing lunch in the kitchen, I didn't even realize what I had said until I heard Tristan, who was sitting patiently at the kitchen table say....
"I think he's being a nuisance....."


Not to mention since Saturday my eyes, eyelids more specifically have been swelling to ridiculous looking extremes. Today is no exception! 
I have a theory as to what it is but not quite sure. I "think" it may be a new makeup/cream product I tried....eeesh!!!! Will have to keep an eye on that ....ha ha....pun totally intended!

And last but not least....Happy Anniversary to my Mom & Dad who are celebrating 34 years of wedded bliss :) Congrats and I love you both very much!

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