August 17, 2010

Just for Her: Samantha

To say she's beautiful is an under statement and truthfully just goes without saying.
She's smart, well spoken and your all around girl.
That's Samantha!
She just graduated from high school and to celebrate the occasion we headed out one beautiful morning to document the achievement.

This first set of images are my favourites from the day

The wind cooperated perfectly

You can easily see why this series is my fave

The garden series
Thanks to Mr & Mrs Parsons who so graciously allowed us to shoot in their beautiful garden

You're beautiful!

Samantha has already accomplished so much in her soon to be 18 years of life.
She's contributed and participated in many events across the province and country as a youth with a valued opinion. She's traveled to Europe and been involved in her school & community.

Samantha I know you will be great!
I know you have it in you to literally be whatever you choose.
May you always do good, contribute positively to society and just simply always be yourself.
Congratulations again on your graduation and here's to the next step!
With love and much appreciation, Christa


Pamela Anthony said...

GORGEOUS!!! Wow, Christa...BEAUTIFUL photos!

Wanda Hynes said...

Absolutely gorgeous Samantha. Christa you take beautiful pictures.

Angie said...

love the 4th and second last one best!!