July 28, 2010

Just Because: The Young Family

It's a house full of boys. 
Full of energy, laughter, different personalities and features.
A Mom who loves her husband and sons dearly. 
A dog who's a girl cause Mom needed less testosterone in the house
That's the Young Family!
Crystle, the Mom who takes wonderful photos herself, contacted me to take some family portraits so I could be the one behind the camera that her boys would roll their eyes at instead of her when they see a camera.....again!
The one who could boss her hubby around and not get into trouble for it :) 
I love my job....LOL

We spent a Sunday evening walking the beach near their house and climbing rocks as we ventured up the brook across the street from their house.
I commented to Crystle how their location in Curzon Village was such an awesome place to raise a family.
Especially a family of young sons who love to play, explore and make up their own adventures.

First we headed to the beach, where Miley the only other girl in the house kept herself busy in the water
Youngest son Jeffrey - full of sweetness
Middle Son Joshua - who I'm told is just like his Dad in more ways than one  :)

And the oldest son Joey - who even at his young age struck me as a boy who is sure of who he is

Beautiful Mom -  Crystle herself

Dad Terry - I know this isn't perfectly posed and blah blah blah but I LOVE his expression full of laughter.
This is why I love this family so much

Terry & Crystle started dating at a young age but that only strengthens who they are as a couple. 
They have embraced it.
They have chosen to grow together and closer as the years go by.

Yes the water was cold

And boys will be boys 


To The Youngs....thank you for sharing with me your view of your lives, your beach, your brook.
Thank you for sharing with me your adventures and laughter.
Thank you for being the example of a family that I hope myself, Kristen, Jesse and any future children to be.
With much appreciation, Christa

Gros Morne National Park Wedding: Jessica & Todd (Part 3)

Time for the 3rd & final installment of Jessica & Todd's wedding.
 A lot of attention was paid to the details at this reception which I loved
The table assignment board

The wedding reception was held at Fisherman's Landing Inn
and again another HUGE shout out goes to Trina of Trina's Gros Morne Extra's 
who was responsible for the decorations and floral arrangements

Thought the lime detail was super cute

Beautiful arrangements

Then there were toasts, slideshows and laughs

The first dance.....ahhhhh

I adore how Todd looks at Jessica

Jessica and Todd I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to be part of your special day.
Your love is sweet and joyful and I can clearly see you have many happy years ahead of you.
With much appreciation, Christa

July 26, 2010

Gros Morne National Park Wedding: Jessica & Todd (Part 2)

I've always been told that rain on a wedding day is good luck.
And another of my couples have had a rainy day...they must be the luckiest couples ever!
Ironically when we were in the cars driving to various locations to do the photos, the rain would always stop as soon as we arrived and stepped out of the cars.
Yes, good luck for sure!

My favourite ceremony photo

My fave

The bridal party were awesome and up for anything!

Tomorrow part 3 and the amazing details!

July 25, 2010

Gros Morne National Park Wedding: Jessica & Todd (Part 1)

They met at college, they were friends, and eventually they realized they were meant to be more than just friends.
Jessica is full of life and loves to laugh.
Todd is of a quieter nature and likes to make sure everyone is taken care of.
These qualities along with Jessica being an only child and Todd from a larger family of 4 boys made them the perfect ying and yang as they blended their lives as one last Saturday in Norris Point, NL

Jessica's dress was beautiful!

All the flower arrangements were by Trina of Trina's Gros Morne Extra's
She does great work!

Todd being as thoughtful as he is. Had written Jessica a 3 page message in a bottle. 
So sweet :)
This image is definitely in my top 5 favourites from the day

Jessica made being a beautiful bride, easy!

Bridesmaids = Gorgeous!

The groomsmen weren't so shabby either  :)

Handsome groom - check & mark

And that's just the beginning. More awesome images on the way. 
Stay tuned!

July 21, 2010

Trash the Dress: Stephanie

Yeah, yeah. I know....it's so cliche.
Every photographer goes on their blog talking about how their clients are the best clients....
But I really do have the best clients!
If you don't believe me, then keep reading.
Meet Stephanie!
Stephanie knocked it out of the park.
Not only did she have hair and make up professionally done by the fabulous Serenity Salon in Pasadena 
but she was totally prepared to trash her dress and didn't hesitate to do so.

I'll begin by saying that Stephanie is gorgeous....ummm yeah that's an understatement!
We started out at an old bridge in Pasadena built 1936

Seriously rocked it!

My favourite

Okay I stand corrected, this is my favourite

Then we headed to Pasadena beach for the 'true' trashing.
Stephanie was such a trooper, between shots her teeth were literally chattering she was so cold.
Cold? Schmold! 
Beautiful? Absolutely :)

Yes....Absolutely :)

Stephanie you are a kind spirit, a fun loving spirit, beautiful with or without the make up. 
 You are more than an example of real & true beauty. 
For that I thank you, Christa.