December 27, 2009

About Me

Hey I'm Christa!
I'm just a girl with a camera....just a girl who loves love!
A girl who doesn't need flowers and chocolates (though they are nice)
 But who is a complete nerd by getting caught up in the little things.
The gestures that mean something only to me, like listening to my husband make up songs on his guitar for our son and dog.
Those little things that mean nothing to you but shows me all the love in the world :)
I believe life is good, haapy & fun! My blog is my way of sharing my journey.

I'm a wife

A mother

I'm a daughter & sister

and last but not least....I'm a friend

I'm a foodie.....yep I love to talk food and swap recipes

I'd like you to think I'm fierce....but I'm not....I'm a mushball....that's right I cry very easily

I love my camera

Love to travel.....

And I love a good laugh

And that's really just the tip of the ice berg, stay tuned to my blog to learn more about me, read my ramblings and find out why I really am Quirky Christa

December 26, 2009



Phone: 647-521-4147


Halton Hills, Ontario

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