April 30, 2010

TGIF - Update on Life Edition

I haven't really talked much about life in general lately.....so here's an update.

Got a turkey....the season opened up on Monday. He took his little brother along for the experience. Got a text a few hours later saying "Tom down"
Yeah cause Kristen rolls like that apparently......

So Jesse is officially weaned and I hate it.
I have all this guilt that I should still be nursing him. The fact that I haven't dried up yet isn't helping.
But we're going away the long weekend in May, Jesse isn't going with us (I get sick to my stomach just thinking about it) and his Nan Hann will be here to look after him :)
I was planning to have him weaned by June anyway so I figured well might as well do it a month early, well it ended up being almost 2 months earlier than I had intended and now I have all these mixed emotions about it :(
On the positive side, Jesse seems to be doing just fine :)

As cute as ever

My friend Angie has been into photography for years and finally decided to go pro.....it's about time!
Show her some love and "Like" her Facebook page and enter for a free shoot....today is your LAST chance to win.

Overall can't complain....loving mat leave, the warmer weather. Didn't even mind going out to garage sales with Kristen last Saturday....I'm STILL upset about that chair that I didn't buy :(
Anyway.....see what this weekend holds.
Anyone up for coffee? Call or text me.....seriously :)

Happy Friday, have a great weekend everyone!!!!

April 29, 2010

I Wasn't Even Considered

She hit the nail on the head.....
Hit it so square on the head that the tears just started to flow.
A quiet cry, uncontrollable stream of tears.
Weeks, more like months, of build up coming to a head and spilling over.
The self doubt, fears, and frustrations.
There they all were, in her words.
But secretly they were all mine too.

It all started when she didn't even consider me.
She's getting married and she didn't even inquire as to what I could do for her.
Given our relationship I thought an inquiry at least was in order.
Little did she know I had already worked out this amazing day, collection, price for her.
But she didn't call.
I know who she hired, and yes she's talented and yes she'll get great photos.
But it didn't change the hurt & rejection when I wasn't even asked.
It's very discouraging some days to see others suceed overnight and my success....
well, my success...has been at a snail's pace.

 It's this slow progression that makes me want to pull my hair out. Then the doubt sets in, and the questions. Am I not good enough? Will I ever see my dream come true? The doubt of my actual ability to take the pretty picture :)
So when I read that post last week, it hit me so hard that tears seemed the only appropriate reaction.

Today I feel better and I know my day will come, when I can say "I've arrived"
But for now I'll just document these lows and bumps I'm experiencing along the way.
One day I'll look back at this and say it was all worth it!

April 28, 2010

Just Because: Ethan is 4

That's right folks....this oh so cute little man is going to be 4!!!!!
So photographing a very busy 4 year old boy isn't the easiest, especially when about half way through he told me he didn't want me to take his picture anymore....tough crowd!...but I did get a few shots that I love :)

he, he, he.....boys!

A lil bit o' soccer

I'm fully aware this one is blurry but I LOVE Ethan's expression on this one so I had to share.

Yep he's cute

Ethan even though you're not a huge fan of me and my camera. I sure like you and think you're super duper cute!
Have a Happy 4th Birthday :)

April 27, 2010

Just Because - Bobbi Ann

She's a hard working mother.
She's of the "au naturelle" club as I call it. 
She wears no or very minimal make up and totally pulls it off. 
I had an awesome day with Bobbi Ann, it was full of fun, awesome weather and even better conversation.
As you know I love to talk and she was the perfect companion :)
We chatted motherhood, day jobs and life
On top of that she gave me THE BEST thank you gift....I've already dug in and started using it.

See?!? Told you she totally pulls of "au naturelle"

Bobbi Ann is a regular commuter, so I thought the newspaper stands that are part of her daily life were appropriate. Cute too.

Yummy Mummy!

I love when the wind is in my favour.
Sidenote....totally jealous of her perfect nose and side profile!

Then to the tracks for these smokin' images!

Sexy lady

One last close up

Bobbi Ann you can have a Just Because session ANYTIME!
Just put my number on speed dial!

April 26, 2010

Trash the Dress - Bobbi Ann

It was almost two years ago when I photographed Bobbi Ann & Geremy's wedding.
While Bobbi Ann and I were discussing her son's portrait session (coming soon) we got talking about her, and what she might like.
We started planning a Just Because session and before you knew it, we were throwing in a Trash the Dress session too!
I was soooooo excited.
We found this truck in Norval, we received some "ah-hem" unpleasant looks from some neighbours but nobody said anything and we shot away.
I'm glad we did, I love the results

It was such a bright day that sunglasses were required. Funny how the images of Bobbi Ann wearing the sunglasses ended up being my favourites.

So I realize Bobbi Ann is completely squinting in this one but I had to share because I LOVE her reflection in the window :)

A feather boa makes everything sexy

This one is my favourite

This one is smokin' too

LOVE the pink on the running shoes!

OH yeah, she worked it out!

I know these sessions are called "Trash the Dress" but you don't actually have to trash it. But then again, do you plan on wearing it anymore?  :)
I had so much fun.....and I still have the feather boa too!
No worries, this won't be the last you see of these Trash the dress sessions. I have more scheduled this summer. Can't wait!!!
Tomorrow....more of Bobbi Ann's "Just Because" session

April 23, 2010


Holy cow, what a week! I still have my cold but with the assistance of the gross Buckley's mixture I think I'm finally coming around.
Nights have been BRU-TAL with Jesse, I have no idea what's going on, probably a touch of his cold, a touch of teething, and a touch of typical 7 month old baby when the parents have no idea what's going on and just another thing they need to "guess"
But it's spring, it's a beautiful day and it's FRIDAY!
Going to be a busy but awesome weekend I think.
The hubby has been working hard on getting our seeds going for this year's garden....
wanna take a peek?

Happy Friday!

April 22, 2010


Happy Earth Day!
Official website click HERE

And a VERY VERY Happy Birthday to my brother in law, who I've watch grow up from a young 12 year old boy to the young man he is today.

Brian, have a special birthday.
We love you and we hope nothing but good things for you.
Set your standards high in everything that you do in life, you deserve to reap all the rewards.
Have a good one!

April 21, 2010

Niagara Falls

Didn't get any hockey pictures while in Niagara Falls.....I didn't realize how hard going to a hockey tournament would be with a little one in tow. Still had a nice time though
Here's a few pics of Jesse I took in the hotel

And one of the arena....Kristen tells me they're tearing this one down???

Last but not least....the Boone!

April 20, 2010

Kenda's Visit

I have no idea what kind of cold I have but it's seriously kicking my butt!!!!
I have soooooo many photos and things to blog about.
So first things first....Kenda's visit. She's been gone just over a week now. And I wish she were still here. We didn't get nearly the time together that I would have liked.
But in the meantime, here a few photos from the visit.

Kenda & Erik playing with Jesse. I love the expression on his face in this one.....lol

Checking email? Probably Facebook :)

Okay so I look exhausted in this photo (I probably was.....)
But on our way to the airport I realized Kenda & I had NO pictures together....so here it is!

And last but not least, me with Kenda & Erik
Poor guy....he's thinking, get me outta here!

Can't wait to see you in July!!

April 18, 2010

This & That - Sunday Edition

Jody did a 'this & that" blog post so I figured I'd take the idea.....a la Sunday Edition

I haven't been blogging much this week since I've come down with a head cold but for whatever reason, it seems to be really taking its toll on me. For that matter, it seems since April arrived I've been completely off with my regular blogging schedule. Must be the nice weather.

Lots going on with the photography side of things. A friend of mine Angie has just launched her photography business. We've been working together to get her going and have big plans to continue working together over the summer in other areas as well. Check her out on Facebook, she has a free photo shoot giveaway going on right now.
Click HERE

Very discouraged with a product that I ordered from my lab in the US. Seems that I'll be keeping them for the prints but finding a new printer for other items.

Lots of feedback about me eventually phasing out family photography.....hmm maybe I'll keep it and up the prices so I'm not spreading myself so thin. That'll work won't it :)

Went to see Grease last night. The show was good, not blow your socks off great. But definitely entertaining. Didn't go to see Taylor Hicks but they're promoting him in the show like CRAZY. He plays Teen Angel and did GREAT. They totally played it up and he fit the role perfectly. However at the end of the show he performed a single from his new album, don't get me wrong the song was great. But now I'm wondering if this Grease tour is actually a Taylor Hicks CD launch tour..!?!?!?

Actually had to turn down a couple of weddings for this summer due to scheduling of other weddings :(
Why couldn't they all just work out perfectly for all my available weekends?  :)

My Little Man turns 7 months this week and I'm already worried about babysitters and returning to a day job :(
Any words of encouragement or advice?

Decided today was going to be a day of rest, so far its been going pretty well :)

April 15, 2010

April 14, 2010

Future Girlfriend?

Hey there baby

You keep your hands to yourself!

Well maybe we can, just for a minute

 Ahhh....young love

April 13, 2010

Just Because: Kenda

She's not your typical girl.
She's quiet and soft spoken. Her voice has a certain tone to it that makes you pay attention when she speaks.
And though she does wear jewellry, make up and styles her hair, she's just not a girly girl per se.
She knows who she is. She's laid back, she has a dry sense of humour, she cares, she worries, she loves her family, she's definitely the strong silent type.
Kenda is family and like a baby sister to me. So when she said she was coming to visit (mostly baby Jesse) I jumped at the chance to do a "Just Because" session with her.

Fixing her hair, or maybe fidgeting with her hair? We were just beginning, this was the first shot out of the camera.
I think she's a natural

Then a vehicle went by laughing at me lying on the ground to get this shot of Kenda

Ugh....how embarrassing

But at least he gave the thumbs up!

Love this backlight

Kenda has the most amazing blue eyes....but I prefer the simplicity of this photo in black and white to really show her flawless beauty

However, I will show you this one so you can see her awesome eyes

Just chillin'

Kenda's boyfriend Erik came along too, so I grabbed a few quick snaps of him

And of course, some of them together

Too cute

To set up this next photo I have to explain how Kenda & Erik love the Bench clothing line.
I know they sell it at Jean Machine, not sure where else.
Kenda suggested they have a photo taken together wearing their newly purchased Bench jackets.
Of course me seeing the irony in it all, immediately suggested finding a park bench as the prop.
I think it turned out just fine
Super cute!

Kenda I had so much fun. Let's do it again on your next visit.
I love how you aren't the typical girl and for being an honourary baby sister, I love you for exactly the person that you are!