June 30, 2010

Float Wraps

Yesterday I mentioned how one of Amanda & Brad's photos would look great as a float wrap.
Most people don't know what a float wrap is as it's a very new & unique product to the photography industry.
A lot of photographers don't even carry this item as part of their product line.
When I saw what these float wraps looked like, I was sold. 
They're beautiful! 
Canvas is great and I do offer that but I truly believe that these floats wraps are a stand out piece (pun intended....lol) for any living space or bedroom.

All float wraps are protected with a laminate coating and comes complete with the back of the Float Wrap covered with a black paper backing and a black ¾" thick gatorboard block that allows the Float Wrap to extend out from the wall. The back of the block also contains drilled holes for hanging. 

Gator board block on back which is the magic piece that makes the print "float" off the wall

I love that I'm caring such a unique product that my clients can purchase and be proud of.
What's your favourite products to buy from photographers? Large prints (such as canvas/float wraps), regular wall prints, or custom design albums? Or something completely different that I haven't mentioned?
Feedback welcomed :) 

June 29, 2010

Caledon Engagement Photos - Amanda & Brad

They met as teenagers at a McDonald's....she was 17, he was 19
I don't know why but when Amanda told me how they met I sighed. McDonalds....it just has an innocence about it. 
That initial meeting went quite well since Amanda & Brad were married October of 2009 at The Old Mill 
She explained to me that they had professional photos on their wedding, even professional photos on their honeymoon but somehow missed out on professional engagement photos.
When they heard about the Banty's Roost Engagement Event, they seized the opportunity.
Boy am I glad they did! Amanda & Brad were awesome.
Brad has a quiet demeanor about him and Amanda just makes you smile.

We started out at "The Barn" the signature building for the whole event

Then I found this little spot on the ground under a tree with the most amazing light. Seriously I could have stayed there all afternoon

These next couple were again taken by "The Barn"
How hot of a couple are they?

Thank you Brad for pretending the grass wasn't bothering your head :) :) :)
You worked it out!!!!

Brad also suggested they have some photos with "green" in them.
Green please! Check & Mark!!

Then I thought...well why not some blue?

Random benches? Yep...let's move them over by that tree k? K :)

Amanda laughs a lot....which I loved. She has the best smile!

I can't decide which of these I like more so I'm sharing both

 Love this one too

 Everytime I look at this one I picture a metallic float wrap hanging on the wall 
(note this product is a new and unique product that isn't offered by many photographers)


And my favourite photo from the day. Simply because Amanda is gorgeous, has the MOST amazing eyes and well she's just fierce!!!
Amanda & Brad I'm so lucky to have been matched with you for the Banty's Roost Engagement event, I couldn't have picked a better couple myself.

June 28, 2010

Engagement Event: Banty's Roost

I had butterflies in my stomach and a lump in my throat the whole morning before I left to drive to Banty's Roost Gold Course yesterday. I had Z103.5 playing quite loudly and the windows down on the hot sunny Sunday afternoon. The beats from the radio and warm wind in my hair finally started to calm me down all the while helping heal my mood and confidence.
An email earlier in the week had sent my confidence in my photography plummeting to an all time low leavaing me to think I wasn't good enough to even be participating in Sunday's event. 
But the summer sun and upbeat music reminded me that I can only give my all, not everyone will like me, and that's okay. Negative feedback are stepping stones, there to push me, challenge me to do better. And I will, and I did.
When I met my couple yesterday I was even more relieved. They had a great personality about them and I am more than happy with the results (that post coming Wednesday)
But before heading out to "The Barn" I took some quick snaps of the newly renovated Madison Room while I met the other photographers, chatted camera talk, and kept our fingers crossed that the dark clouds overhead would soon pass.
If you're looking into booking a venue with a beautiful reception area, amazing grounds for your wedding photos then definitely look into Banty's Roost Golf & Country Club. Be sure to get in touch with Ophellia McKnight at Banty's Roost, she and the venue will not disappoint.

I just loved how the cream cheese for the bagels were put in martini glasses!

Ophellia, again thank you for the opportunity. I had a great time :)

June 27, 2010

I didn't know it then....

Summer 2005 I did a mini "maternity" session of my step mother-in-law when she was expecting Kristen's baby sister Hayley.

What I DID know summer of 2005 was that I LOVED Kristen's Nikon Film SLR and how much I loved photography.
What I DIDN'T know summer of 2005 was how much I wanted to be a professional photographer.

And here I am 5 years later living my dream :)
Who knew?
Today I'm headed to Banty's Roost for the Engagement session event. Super nervous and super excited.
Wish me luck!!

June 26, 2010

What's In - Summer 2010

I follow other wedding photographers blogs. For inspiration, learning, and the list goes on.
In observing their weddings I've noticed a few themes of what's "IN" right now.
So if you're planning your wedding, bridal shower, or even a baby shower here's my storyboard of a few items that are where it's at right now

Anything "bird" themed, especially peacocks. Not to mention bird cages and nests. I notice a LOT of wedding bouquets now have feathers somehow incorporated in them. Or bridesmaids are wearing a simple hair piece made of peacock feathers.
I checked Etsy for some and found LOTS...check this link HERE

Mason jars, lemons and lemonade. Mmm....it just screams summertime :)

And last but not least....sparklers and paper lanterns. In fact, I've asked all my brides this year if they're doing sparkler exits because they're awesome! I actually do have one bride who is has included paper lanterns into her decor for her reception...can't WAIT to get images of that.

What else do you think is IN for summer 2010????

June 25, 2010

They're Baaaaack!

Summer 2006 I posted these photos on my old blog

This past weekend, Summer 2010 Kristen took these photos

We have baby birds again!

Ed's mom told me it's good luck! I believe her :)

June 24, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

As most of you know I did a Trash the Dress session.
Now I have a dilemma....
How Should I Keep my Photos?
Option 1....
Buy 40 - 10x10 prints for this very expensive leather album that I have.
I bought it for a client, it was the wrong size. So I bought her the correct size and now I have this one in a box collecting dust. It's just TOO Beautiful to be wasted.
I'm considering using my professional lab in the US to print the 10x10 photos for me, however it would be quite expensive.
Which is just money I don't really have right now (being on maternity leave and all)
However, I LOVE the idea of having such a high end keepsake of my photos.
I think for a couple of reasons....
1) I think high end products are very important to preserving special memories. I really do believe in this, which is why I want it as much for myself as I do for my clients.
2) Kristen & I "kind of" eloped so we never had a professional photographer at our wedding. 
Yes we ended up with some beautiful images but none were professional per se and some single bridal shots that I would have liked for my wedding day were missed. Such as some of the poses Angie did during my TTD session.
To help you out here are a few images of the awesome leather album.

Option 2....
A less expensive hardcover magazine style option which I custom design
(most of my brides are getting this album this summer - with either custom photo cover or simple leather cover)
I love the idea of this album being completely custom!!

Custom Designed Cover

Sample 2 page layout - 1 photo on each page
Left side would have photo centered and right photo would cover the entire page
Did I mention I love album design?

Okay give it to me....your two cents worth. 
I HATE being in-decisive so all feedback is MORE than appreciated!

June 23, 2010

FROW - Whitetail Deer

You might remember THIS POST where Kristen's trophy buck was scored and we found out he would go into the Foundtaion for the Recognition of Ontario Wildlife record book.

Here's the certificate!!

June 22, 2010

39. Host a Garage Sale

Okay so TECHNICALLY I co-hosted...but it's still off the list!!!

June 21, 2010

41. Host Annual BBQ

When you host a bbq you really don't have time to take many photos...however I did get a couple of our 3rd annual backyard bbq (note we say backyard but we're YET to have one in the backyard because the weather NEVER cooperates) that took place just over a week ago.

Shishkabobs....ready for the grillin'


And just a few randoms candids of some of our guests!

June 20, 2010

June 20, 2010

Today on this day June 20, 2010
It's Father's Day
To my Dad and Kristen....Happy Father's Day. I love you.

This photo of my Dad I took Summer 2005....it's one of my favourites

Daddy & Jesse time :)

Boone turns 2!!!!

Jesse turns 9 months old. And since last Sunday has finally gotten his first tooth and second too!

Let me never forget this day full of it's milestones, memories and love.