August 11, 2010

Just Because: The Barnes Family

I was so sick of the rain in Newfoundland!
And I was concerned again for another portrait session if the weather would cooperate.
Yet the skies cleared up and gave the most awesome light for my mini family session with the Barnes family.
They have the best view from the backyard of their beautiful home and that's where we took the images.
The Barnes family appreciate what they have and are thankful for it.

Then we have Billy & Michael, the boys, brothers and friends.
You can tell Billy loves his little brother dearly

Now I'm told Billy can be shy but he really wasn't that bad. He chatted away with me as soon as I showed up. However he did show one moment of shyness and I was able to catch it, so cute.

And Michael, well I could just take him and squish him up. He's so darn cute.

Mom & Dad - Wendi & Clifton
Wendi is a Mary Kay representative. Before I left her house she stocked me up on samples.
I just have to say what I've tried so far I've loved and will probably have to make a purchase in the near future...eesh! Good job Wendi, good job!!! LOL
Sidenote: She also does professional make up for weddings, events, etc so if you're looking for that sort of thing call her up. Contact me for her info.

Wendi, Clifton, Billy & Michael
Thank you for making me feel so welcomed into your home. I had lovely time.

And I'll finish up with this image.
My fave by far!!


Angie said...

LOVE that first pic!!!!!!!!!

Myrna Hynes said...

The last one of Wendi with the 2 boys is my absolute FAV!! Although the others are great too!