March 29, 2011

Countdown to Punta Cana - 2011

The countdown has officially begun...a little sooner for others (Steph & Kristen!!!) 
Two weeks from today I'll be in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for the wedding of Steph & Ed, a Trash the Dress session, and not to mention some MUCH needed R'n'R!!!

This photo was of Kristen & I, March 2008 on our last trip to Dominican Republic but instead it was Puerto Plata. 

March 28, 2011

Cambridge Engagement: Blaine & Amy

They met online. Started sharing emails and then decided it was time to move on to Skype.
After getting to know each other via the good 'ol internet it was time to meet in person. Valentines of 2010 Blaine & Amy met for the first time....face to face, in Nashville.
Since then they've carried on a long distance relationship between two countries.
Amy the American.
Blaine the Canadian.
But it seems that's all that separates them.
Otherwise they go together like peanut butter & jelly.
This past Christmas, Blaine proposed and this coming October they will be united as one and become husband & wife.
It was my pleasure to do their engagement photos this past weekend in Cambridge.

Amy was only spending the weekend in Canada and had a full schedule so despite freezing temperatures, we went ahead with an early sunrise session.
It was so cold there were times I couldn't even feel my fingers push the shutter button on my camera :(
But it was worth it, just look at how beautiful a morning it was.

And c'mon you can't argue how nice this is

You may have seen one very similar to this on Facebook or on the previous blog post.
I was LOVING this sunlight. I really wish I could do more of these early shoots.

After these few images we decided to head back to Blaine's house (thankfully only minutes from this location) to warm up and to do an outfit change.
Then back to the bridge for these awesome shots!

By this time the light was getting pretty harsh so we finished up with a simple prop

Blaine & Amy congrats on your engagement.
I love you both and can't wait for your big day :)
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to photograph you in spite of the late spring weather not being in favour.
With Much Appreciation, Christa

March 26, 2011


One of my fave images from this mornings FREEZING e-session

March 24, 2011

Creative: Vicki - Part IV

And last but not least part 4 of Vicki's creative session.
I left these for last because I adored Vicki's prop for this series....a snowboard!

Love Pink!

Vicki thanks so much for being my muse and being up to anything :)
I'm sure next year I'll have another idea that I'll need you again. Thank you.

The End :)

March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday To Him....

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved. - George Sand

Happy Birthday Kristen, an amazing Dad, wonderful husband and best friend.

March 22, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me....

Since I’m turning 31 this year, which really isn’t considered a ‘milestone’ birthday...I figured it only appropriate to keep the celebrations simple.
A nice dinner with the family, an added bonus that my parents are here this year to celebrate with me.
After all isn’t that what life is really about? Spending time with the ones you love :)

This photo by Angie White Photography from our family session back in November.

March 21, 2011

Creative: Vicki - Part III

So this creative session with Vicki has helped me realize what I already suspected.
I LOVE winter sessions.
They just bring a whole other vibe that your typical summer sessions don't.
I love summer sessions, but I really appreciated the new challenges, the fabulous winter light and the awesome images I was able to capture of Vicki.

Love me some Uggs

Okay I just have to say how BRAVE Vicki is to just lie in the snow and make angels in the FREEZING weather that we were having that day.
She was such a sport and the resulting shots were awesome.

See? Such a good sport :)

I've also discovered a preset that leaves a purple finish on the images rather than black and white or sepia and I'm LOVING it :)

And last but not least my absolute favourite image from this series.

March 20, 2011

Creative: Vicki - Part II

Now on to Part II of my Creative Just Because Session with Vicki

I'm really pushing myself to find a few presets in Lightroom that are really going to define my style and artistic take on my images.

I'm really liking one called PH Surreal Moment for the colour photos
and Pretty Presets Brown for the dark brown/sepia type finish for the remaining photos.
What do you think? Too bold? Not bold enough? 

All feedback appreciated :)

 You know me and a yummy brick wall...I know totally not outside the box for me at all. But what can I say I'm loyal to what I love :)

March 18, 2011

Just like Chicken Soup

What a difference daylight savings time and warmer temperatures can do for one's spirit.

Just like Chicken Soup....Good for the Soul!
Happy Friday :)

March 15, 2011

The Hunger Games

I love to read.
And lately, the last few fictional strictly entertainment books I have attempted to read have been horrible. I can barely get started, let alone finish them. I hate not completely reading a book.
The most recent being a book that I had for 6 weeks and no matter how many times I picked that book up I never did get past chapter 3. It was like pulling teeth...I just couldn’t get into it, at all.
So I returned the book to my local library and instead borrowed The Hunger Games 

I’ve had it less than a week and already into Chapter 4.
If you’ve read this book or the whole trilogy for that matter, please don’t ruin it for me...but I must say so far I’m really enjoying it.
It’s about time that I find a good book.
Again as always suggestions or sharing of what you’re reading now are always welcomed :)

March 7, 2011

The Love of Music

Who knows...we might just have a future musician on our hands

March 6, 2011

Creative: Vicki

In January I had this bright idea that I wanted to push myself creatively and do a winter Just Because session.
I had a few motivations behind this...
a) I wanted to keep shooting so not as to get rusty over the slower winter months
b) I've only really ever done one winter session and wanted to push myself professionally
c) I wanted to try some techniques in both shooting and editing and figured the "off" season was the best time

I called up my dear friend Vicki and asked her if she'd be willing to model for me, thankfully she was :)

I loved this creative session because it forced me to deal with a few challenges that I haven't really experienced before.
1) it was sooooo cold that my hands kept going numb to the point that I could barely tell if I was pushing the shutter button
2) it was so cold that by the end of the session, even my camera was hesitating to shoot on demand. Yep even the camera felt numb and had a delay
3) the brightness of winter snow on a sunny day was definitely something new to learn from a lighting point of view.

And now...Part 1 of my Just Because Creative Winter Session.
There's a reason I asked Vicki to model for me....simply because she's BEAUTIFUL!!!
Love the shoes!
Technical notes for you fellow photographers
All images were taken on RAW format
All images were edited in lightroom using presets

March 4, 2011

Mommy & Me

In light of Mother's Day which really is only a couple of month's around the corner....
I thought I'd mention that I'm now booking Mommy & Me sessions.
The idea is for the Mom who's always behind the camera, to have a session completely dedicated to photos of her with her children.
A few special poses as keepsakes to remember herself and her kids, as they are, here....right now.
Also a great idea for a Grandmother who wants the same experience with her grandchildren.
If this is something you might be interested in, please email me at

Dads....this would make for a GREAT Mother's Day gift for both your Wife and your Mother :)

This was Jesse & I last Mother's Day
This was us then, in that moment.

And this one, it's not 'composed' perfectly but who cares, I love this cause it was us

March 1, 2011

Life as we know it

Life has been busy.
But life is good.
Here's a quick photo of part of Jesse's nightly routine....reading books :)