August 16, 2010

1-on-1 Session: Claudia Hung

I was on Facebook browsing the newsfeed. 
I noticed a friend was tagged in a slideshow of his weddings photos.
I gasped, and thought who the heck was his wedding photographer!?!?!?
Of course I clicked and discovered it was Claudia Hung
From that moment I was smitten.
With her talent, her style, her work as a whole.
Me being SUPER naive sent her an email
"Can I second shoot for you?"
She politely explained she had a team of assistants that shoots with her but she would gladly answer any questions that I may have. From that moment I'm sure Claudia regretted stating
For the past 18 months (approx) I have bombarded her with questions, I have followed and commented regularly on her blog, I have volunteered to walk her dogs, and pretty much anything that would get me closer to learning more from her, about her, because she was the real deal.

I decided that investing in one of her 1-on-1 mentoring sessions was the way to go.
Last week I spent 8 hours with Claudia (these sessions are supposed to be 4-ish hours....oops) 
We ate, we chatted, I learned, I tagged along to one of her e-sessions, I learned some more, then we headed back to her place to see how she processes her sessions and where Claudia would then answer the many questions I had about everything :)
I learned so much that only today has my mind stopped reeling and I'm actually able to understand and apply some of the things Claudia taught to me. I can honestly say that this one on one session has been the BEST investment I've made in my photography career thus far. Hands down!

And now without further ado, some of my images from Claudia's e-session with the super cute Shannon & Abel. I loved this couple and I loved watching Claudia interacting with them.
Check out Claudia's blog post of Shannon & Abel HERE
Her genius eye helped me capture images like this

And then this

My fave

As stated many times before, I was like a kid at Christmas. Words really can't express my thanks.
You are truly a gift. As a photographer, as a mentor, as a friend.
Thank you for not laughing too hard when I said I like jumping shots :)
Thank you for encouraging me.
Thank you for making me feel good about the direction I'm going in.
Thank you teaching me.
Thank you for being YOU!
With MUCH MUCH appreciation, Christa :)


Claudia Hung said...

Thanks for the love :) I sincerely loved the time we got to hang out, talk shop but also just get to know each other more. I'm so excited to see what the future holds for you! You've got an amazing attitude and that is THE foundation for a successful business in this industry. Keep shootin'!


Christopher Luk said...


Christa, I'm glad you had such a memorable time being mentored by Claudia! She really is a great person to be around and to learn from :)

Keep it up!