August 25, 2010

Not a Baker

I made cupcakes yesterday.
From a box.
I don't bake!
There's a reason I don't bake.
It drives me crazy!
It makes a mess, a mess that I hate cleaning up.
The ingredient measurements are too exact. I'm more of a 'more or less' type of girl.
I loved the finished product!!
Chocolate cupcakes, french vanilla icing...ooey gooey goodness.
But no...I am not a baker!
I'd rather cook, thus being a foodie.

Okay so that's my rant for tonight....g'night all!


HeATHER said...

funny.. Wait till Jesse starts to help you make it.....its fun then!!! The best part of making a cake mix is eating the batter from the beaters when your done then licking the spatula and scraping the bowl...its always a fight at our house...who gets what. If D isnt home they always say I leave alot more for him in a bowl then they got ( he dosent like choc cake bit he LOVES the batter LOL)

Christa said...

ha ha...I loved being able to lick the bowl and beaters as kids. The bro and I always used to fight over it too! Ahhh...good memories