June 29, 2011

Life Right Now....

It's been a week since Kristen started a new job after working at the same place for 12.5 years. Life's daily routine has changed dramatically but we're doing very well. Jesse & I are adjusting to Daddy's long days and have a new morning routine of being able to get ready and out the door without his help.

Surprisingly the transition wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, I think the main reason was that we were already in a mind-set that major change was going to come to our lives this year....even more specifically this summer....and because of that things are going smoothly...for now :)

I especially have to thank our babysitter Tonya who's been so amazingly accommodating and supportive of the fast changes and longer days that have been thrown her way....you're not just Jesse's daycare provider but a dear friend to me and the rest of the family....we appreciate you so much!!!

On that Jesse note....he's talking up a storm...or at least attempting to talk up a storm. He has a current obsession with all things transportation like heavy equipment, dump trucks, planes, trains and buses. Trucks he calls da-dum, trains are too-too, buses are bye, and planes are pean. I love being able to see how he's growing up and changing every day.

On a photography note, my Facebook photography page has reached just over 200 LIKES so a giveaway is definitely in order!! I can't express how much I love & appreciate you my blog readers and facebook page "likers" (is likers a word??....if not I just made it up....lol) because the reality is without you there'd be no Christa Hann Photography.

On a baby note, I've started nesting and preparing for the arrival of Baby Hann...just over 3 months away! I'm feeling really good and so far the swelling of my ankles have been to a minimum. By this time during my pregnancy with Jesse I was a swollen puff-a-lump...no joke! Otherwise I am finding the pregnancies VERY similar in how I feel and how my body is shaping. And for those of you bugging me for belly pics, here's a quick one that I managed to take on my ipod tonight.

On that note....I wish you a Happy Wednesday and don't forget to check back on Friday for the appreciation giveaway. And maybe even more surprises if my evenings are productive when Jesse is down for the night.

June 28, 2011

Just for Her Summer Series - Health

I believe in everything in moderation...I do not deny myself bacon or chocolate or even a gooey slice of pizza. But there comes a time when we should say no or at least do that extra workout to burn the calories. And no simply for weight reasons but for health reasons. Ladies if we don't take care of ourselves nobody else is going to do it for us.
After last weeks challenge we should all be feeling fabulous about ourselves or at the very least maybe at least a little bit better? It's time to look at our overall health.....the benefits of being healthy are numerous a few include a longer life span, more energy (a must with today's busy lifestyle and hyper children) and not to mention for some weight loss and a trimmer waistline.
So to continue with our Just for Her Summer Series, today I'll be just throwing out a few ideas in which we can make ourselves a wee bit healthier. 

Exercise - As simple as a 30 minute walk could have huge physical benefits including weight loss...yay!
Drink lots of water - if you don't like water try low cal Crystal Lite for flavour or squeeze a bit of lemon or lime juice in there.
Sleep! Easier said than done for some but at least an effort should be made towards 7 hours a night. But if you got out for that 30 minute walk earlier I'm sure that along with the fresh air will definitely help.
Cook Fresh!! Stop making meals that are coming out of a bag, box or can. The preservatives and sodium levels on that stuff is brutal! Or even attempt a day of eating only raw.
Take your Vitamins - Dr. Oz suggests a daily multi-vitamin, half taken in the morning and half at night, Vitamin D and Omega 3's  for women
Get smart about Heart Health as it's one of the major killers of women today - click HERE for the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation.
Eat Super Foods  - here are the top 10 that I found in my research
1. Green Vegetables - broccoli, spinach and leafy greens especially!
2. Fruit - aim for lots of berries, citrus fruits, avocados & tomatoes
3. Garlic
4. Nuts & Seeds
5. Whole Grains - yes that means no more white bread, don't forget oats & barley too.
6. Seafood - yummy cold water fish like salmon....mmm
7. Lean meat - the best choice is turkey
8. Milk &Yogurt
9. Legumes  - lots of beans in your chili? then you're covered :)
10. Olive Oil - preferably Extra Virgin

And with the above in mind here's this week's 7 day challenge:
1) Take a 30 minute walk at least twice this week
2) One day eat only FRESH nothing can be pre-packaged for you. Get creative with herbs & spices for added flavour if you're missing the added salt taste.
3) Eat at least one item from the super foods over the 7 days (I understand if the milk/yogurt category is out as I'm on a non-dairy diet myself.....boo!)
4) Educate yourself on heart health and vitamins. Decide if taking supplements would be beneficial to your health. Knowledge is always power.

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.
~ Doug Larson

June 27, 2011

Stylized Portrait Session: Lollipops & Candy

Today I feature the last part of Jesse & Leah's stylized portrait session. This shoot and the resulting images gave me so much joy. My task now consists of which images to use on the storyboard that I want to create....eeesh...decisions!!
So after the oranges we gave the kids a quick outfit change and then pulled out "the good stuff"....candy!!

Sure does look good doesn't it?

He, he


Then the whole idea was for the kids to give up the lollipops and have some ice cream. Jesse would have none of it....lollipops all the way for him. But isn't that life with kids?
It really didn't matter...these kids are on so much cuteness overload ice cream or lollipops wouldn't have made a difference.

I LOVE how they are both just enjoying their own special treat in this one...

I could just squish her....and I mean that in a good way.....lol

and last but not least my favourite of Jesse from this series.

If you think a stylized portrait session is something you would want to do with your family or children do not hesitate to get in touch. We'll start from scratch and figure out a whole session stylized to suit your personalities. Or if you love the props we used with Leah & Jesse then mention that and we can use those too,....obviously just tweaking a few things to customize the session to you.

I hope you've all enjoyed the Leah & Jesse mini series. I know I sure did....and the best part Angie & I are already throwing ideas around for their next session.

June 24, 2011

Stylized Portrait Session: Featuring Jesse

Now it's time to feature my little man, the J man....Jesse :)
 A little bit of info about his outfit if you're interested in styling something similar for your little boy:
Hat & Plain white tee: H&M
Suspenders: Sears

He was having a really bad and at the first location all he pretty much did was cry....
But a cool down in the car, a snack and a drink of water and he was good to go.

Then off to location two for orange mania

He had a "ball" throwing the oranges around

Do I see major league pitcher in the future?

A couple more serious poses

And to finish up one of Jesse....just chillin'
I'm sure he's watching Leah in this one...you know cause she's so pretty and all.

Oh little man...I could just go on and on about how awesome I think you are.
But I won't....these photos are enough

June 23, 2011

Stylized Portrait Session; Featuring Leah

Because Jesse is a gentleman and he rolls like that....we've agreed that I will feature miss Leah's solo images from the Vintage session first.
First location was the train tracks with the props being vintage suitcases & of course a globe for all the travel.

Then to the second location where we featured the oranges and vintage crates

Of these next three I can't decide which one is my favourite....

Leah you're such a sweet & precious little girl

Thanks to Angie at Angie White Photography for having the awesome idea to photograph the kids together. Cause really who wouldn't want this gorgeous little girl featured on their blog?!?! 
Up tomorrow...Jesse :)

June 22, 2011

Stylized Portrait Session - Jesse & Leah Together

You may remember when I did this post about designing a stylized portrait session.
This one was called Orange & Country Roads
Angie of Angie White Photography decided who better to bring to life than our own little munchkins Leah & Jesse.
We didn't use the orange chair but we did use the oranges and crates. And we also used some vintage suitcases and a globe. Not to mention totally stylin' the kids outfits to go with the overall theme.
And now I present....Leah & Jesse Vintage Portrait Session

They loved the "balls"
I think they were busier throwing them than posing. And we were busier trying to round them up than taking actual photos :)

One of my favourites

No children's portrait session would be complete without them trying to put at least one thing in their mouth

I didn't go over as well as they had hoped....lol.

Yep I think these two are definitely keepers!!

Stay tuned I have at least two more blog posts of these two to share

June 21, 2011

Just for Her Summer Series - Beauty

It’s sad that so many women base their self worth on their outward appearance....as long as they look good nothing else matters.
Women as a whole spend billions in a beauty industry on products and services trying to make ourselves prettier, thinner, darker, lighter, and the list goes on.
And I’ll admit I spend money in this industry as much as the next one, I love hair products, clothes, shoes and make up...oh don’t get me started on make-up. One trip to Shoppers Drug Mart for shampoo and I leave with 4-5 new products to try and improve my outward appearance.
Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with wanting to look & feel your best. My problem is when we never feel we’re good enough, or pretty enough or measure up to the imagined comparison chart that we’ve created in our head. When we feel insecure because we think our looks are less than fabulous.
Ladies today I want to assure you, you are beautiful!

“For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.”
Ivan Panin

We are all beautiful in our own unique way and a beholder just waiting to lay their eyes on you! I can see how many of you are rolling your eyes as you read this. But who said it wasn’t true? Who said you weren’t beautiful or up to standard? Some voice in your head? The never ending media that surrounds us to a point that I don’t even know if there’s a way to truly eliminate its influence from our daily lives, or maybe the conversations with your girlfriends & co-workers that always come back to how our thighs are too big, our hair is the wrong colour, and the list goes on. Why do we torture ourselves? When if we actually blocked out all the external (and internal) chatter we’d realize maybe we aren’t so horrible after all. Maybe feeling good on the inside would really show through to the outside.

Would you refuse to be friends with someone just because they didn’t measure up to some beauty standard in your head? I don’t know anyone who would hold such standards, and if there are people out there like that, then shame on them. Too many women feel they need to fit the very stiff and one type mould created by some Hollywood producers that silly enough we seem to have completely believed and fallen for.

Be comforted if you’re feeling less than gorgeous that women of all shapes, sizes, colours and age obtain goals and are quite successful EVERY day and live completely fulfilled lives. Why can’t you be one of them?

So here’s this weeks 7 day challenge....

1)      You will be conceited...yep that’s what I said. For the next 7 days you are going to act, think & feel as if you are God’s gift to the universe cause the truth is you are God’s gift so you might as well own it and flaunt it. Celebrate your beauty!
2)      You will block out all influences that make you feel less than awesome...whether it be your favourite TV show, that one friend who ALWAYS talks about how she needs to lose weight or just turning your head (if possible) when your co-worker comes in with her new outfit, stylin’ shoes and perfectly styled hair.
3)      You will live in the now....right now you are going to list the top 5 things you DO love about your appearance and the top 5 thing you DO love about yourself. Beauty isn’t only skin deep even though we’ve convinced ourselves that it is. Take those lists and tuck them in your purse....and read them, remind yourself why you are beautiful and awesome.

Good luck and remember this is a 7 day challenge so it’s not going to be easy but I truly believe if you genuinely try some or all the above at the end of the 7 days you will most definitely be proud of who you are as a woman...and not just on the outside, the inside too :)

“Women are never stronger than when they arm themselves with their weaknesses”  
~ Madame Marie du Deffand


June 20, 2011

Payal Banquets Reception - Carmaline & Thomas Part III

And last but not least part III the reception.
The reception took place at Payal Banquet Halls in Mississauga...this place is beautiful.

The details were exquisite.


I love ANYTHING that sparkles so this gorgeous embellishment on the cake had my heart at first sight.
 Before I continue I want to mention all the amazing vendors that Carmaline & Thomas had chosen that definitely helped make their day complete.

Hair: Wajaid
Make Up:  Zoya
Cake: Natalia
Florist: Anita
Ceremony Sari: Custom made by J&V Studio Couture

Carmaline's & Thomas day were full of various cultural ceremonies, this one before they entered the reception was one of my favourites

Then they entered celebrating their true happiness

Yep...they worked it out

I love this moment from their first dance

Then Thomas presented Carmaline with another beautiful sari which she changed into while the guests were enjoying appetizers. Can I just say how much I love the richness and detail!!

And one last entrance before some entertainment then celebrating the night away.

Carmaline & Thomas.....I cannot thank you enough for choosing me (& Angie too) to document this most important and love filled day.
I am deeply grateful and proud to call you friends.
With much Appreciation, Christa