August 23, 2010


What a day!
Jesse is teething and going through a phase of separation anxiety at the same time.
Meaning along with fussiness due to pain and discomfort he has the added emotional stress of freaking out whenever he's not as close to me as he thinks she should be....eesh!
Earlier today I started going through some photos that I took in Newfoundland of Jesse and his great-grandmother. My Grandmother Ball, Grace.
There were a certain series of "nice" photos that I had taken of the two of them. A Sunday afternoon to be exact when Nan was dressed in her Sunday's best.
I searched every folder, CD, and memory card I could think of but with no luck couldn't find those images.
I was crushed....
These images are very important to me as it was one of the few things that I had on my ABSOLUTE to do list while visiting Newfoundland.
I even downloaded a card recovery program in hopes to find the images.
Again no luck.
Hubby sent me a text message on his lunchbreak to tell me he found the images on the memory card in HIS camera. I hadn't even thought about him taking one of my memory cards the other day.
To say I'm relieved is an understatement.

However if worse case scenario we didn't find them, I did have these few treasures :)

And this one...he's almost as big as Nan! LOL 
Sweet though :)

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Cici said...

Those are beautiful. I'm sure you'll cherish them forever!