January 28, 2010

The Skinny

Never say never
The statement is so true.
How many times have I said "never" will I and I've very quickly eaten my words.
Today it holds true....again!
Today I bought skinny jeans!!!!

Yep I broke down and bought skinny jeans.
Mom & Dad gave me an awesome pair of boots for Christmas but for them to be worn to their full potential I needed skinny jeans or dark brown leggings.
Since MOST of my jeans are too big for me right now, I figured a new pair of jeans would be the best bang for the buck. Yes...I said almost all my jeans are too big.
I really contemplated writing about this for about a month now but this seems to be the appropriate time.
I fear the hate mail I might get after today's post.....
I've lost weight...a lot of weight. I'm 12lbs smaller now than I was when I got pregnant.
12lbs is a lot of weight when in general I'm not a big person.
I've never really struggled with my weight, growing up I was often picked on for being too small, scrawny, skinny, boney, boyish, no curves....shall I go on?
I ate well but I was picky.
Now I'm much healthier, I eat more veggies now than ever and though I still enjoy junk food in moderation and have a honest addiction to chocolate I do not starve myself in anyway shape or form.
Yet this weight loss freaks me out. My whole wardrobe is useless, I hate feeling so boney and mishapen.
I know so many of you are huffing and puffing right now thinking if only she knew how hard it was to struggle with weight.
My mom is over weight and I've seen her struggle so trust me I can relate to what you're going through. And I'm very proud to say she's doing her own weight loss journey now and so far has been very succesful....Go Mom!!! Love you.
But consider the other side of the story.
I'm made to feel GUILTY for being thin. People honestly get angry with me, they make me feel as if I should feel bad for being thin and not struggling with my weight.
I'm very lucky to be blessed with this but I have to deal with negativities of being thin as well.
Yet I envy those oh so womanly curves so many of you have that I just have not been blessed with.
All I'm trying to say is the grass could always be greener if we allow it.
We all have our own personal struggles whether it be weight, insecurity, addictions, etc.
So don't judge, let's see the beauty in everyone and appreciate our differences.
And when I wear my skinny jeans, don't hate, though I'm trying to dress cute and be somewhat fashionable....I'm secretly screaming insecurity inside and hoping I'm not being a huge "faux pas"

January 27, 2010

Helter Skelter

Did you ever feel that you have so many things on your to do list that all you do are bits and pieces of each thing to realize nothing gets done and only portions of the rest?

That's been my life as of late....I have about 50 projects going on at once. None of which are completed and no idea when any of them will be completed.

I've finally realized that I need to prioritize and take one task at a time. Yeah...now to take the time to prioritize the list :)

Hope your day is wonderful....here's some giraffe love

January 25, 2010

Herb & Garlic Pasta

I wanted to try something new yesterday, I felt like pasta and I felt like using the herb & garlic cream cheese that was in the fridge.
So I with a little online research I made this concoction up.....
Fry a couple strips of bacon

while that's cooking boil your pasta

then remove from the pasta from the pot but keep your water boiling, you'll want to add a good handful of spinach. Let it wilt...this will take under a minute.
Strain and add to your pasta

Crumble the cooked bacon, add to the pasta & spinach and then 3-4 tablespoons of herb & garlic cream cheese.

Mix well, until cream cheese is melted and pasta coated evenly.
Season with salt & lots of pepper

And voila!
What would I do differently?
I would have fried up some garlic and onions with the bacon for added flavour.
Or added green onions to this.
But it was still good even without those ingredients.

January 22, 2010

Think, think, think....

To quote Winnie the Pooh "think, think, think"
I'm a thinker. Often too much and about things that I have no control over.
Or I do something and then go back and think, could I have done it better?
This week has been a difficult week with Jesse, it started Sunday night and gradually the week got better but the more that Jesse slept, the less I slept.
Last night Jesse was up at 2:55am and back asleep at 3:10am (I know...how awesome is that)
but when I got back in bed I was WIDE awake. I tossed, I turned, I had a drink of water, and I thought.
I thought about my photography, I thought about my family, I thought about yesterday being my Dad's birthday and not being home to celebrate with him. I thought about what happens when it's time for me to go back to work from maternity leave, I thought about the chores not done, I thought about not being able to go shopping with the Christmas money that's just burning a hole in my wallet.
I thought....
I'm not sure what time it was when I finally did doze back off to dreamland but I'm sure it was close to 4am. Then 6am Jesse was up again and then 7am for the day. Surprisingly I'm not feeling "too" tired.
I just can't figure out why I can't settle my mind?
But then I've always been this way, so why fight who I am?
As long as I feel rested enough to function, there's no point in letting it bother me :)
On another note, last night I tuned in to The [b] school to hear an interview between wedding photographers  Becker and Jasmine Star. It was so good and so insightful!! I don't know if they realize how grateful photographers like myself are. They willingly share their tips & tricks of the trade. Not to compete with other photographers but to HELP them and to raise the bar of the wedding photography industry. I couldn't agree more. If they do happen to read this post today, Thank You!
Honestly it was soooo good that I'm even considering joining up the [b] school. I think it's exactly what I need to further my education/skills as a photographer. And what's  better than networking with other positive & supportive photographers? I haven't decided for sure yet. I need to "think" about it some more :)
And to finish off today's post....an extreme close up of Boone....he, he.
He's so cute!

January 21, 2010

Valentines = Boudoir

Have you thought about what you want to do for your significant other for Valentine's yet?
How about a boudoir session?
Give that person in your life a intimate album of tasteful photos of yourself.
Here's an "idea" of what yours could look like should you be interested.

If you are get in touch....I have a great deal on right now.
Such a good deal I can't even say how much here on the blog :)
Session would have to be done by Jan 31st to allow time for processing and shipping of album.

January 20, 2010

Winners...Earrings for Haiti

Since only 4 people entered all 4 are winners!!!! Yay!!
Please email your mailing address to christa@christa-hann.com
Also my friend Tara sent this email today about Haiti....please read and get in touch with her if you'd like to help.
Spread the Love :)

Hello everyone,
Wanted to ask you for any help you can offer in something near and dear to heart.

A few weeks before the devastating earthquake in Haiti, I got booked to go on my first mission trip to Haiti (of all places - when I always thought it would be Guatemala) Dec 4-11, 2010. I was beyond excited when I decided, then committed to going. NOW, I am even more committed to do ALL that I can to help a nation in such dire need.

THIS is why I am emailing you. Sometimes when tragedy happens we all wonder 'how can I help, I don't have buckets of extra money to donate', so I'd like to send some ideas of ways you can help that cost little to NO money at all. I'm putting myself out there (again) for my passion that run deeps, but isn't that what life's all about???

Here are some of the things I am committed to doing:

I've contacted our family doctor, who will be getting donations of over the counter medications for our trip.

I've contacted our dentist (and the others I am traveling with are doing the same) and it looks very promising that they will donate tooth brushes and tooth paste.

I'm committed to cutting our grocery bill by $20 / week to purchase many items like multi vitamins, band aids, over the counter medication, peroxide, rubbing alcohol, etc. Each week, I am purchasing $20 of items from the list of items (found on my blog) we determined we would bring with us (we're going to fill another 50lb bag of these items).

We've sponsored our 3rd child, this time from Haiti

We're making material sacs to distribute rice to the locals while there - and I mean hundreds of sacs (my friends trip in Dec 2009, they found the plastic grocery bags broke often as the families were walking away with their supply of food) - we plan on travelling with a 50 lb bag FILLED with these material sacs

We're making earrings (all materials donated), selling for $5 a pair (+ shipping, only a cost of a regular envelope) and 100% of the proceeds are going to the purchase of RICE & BEANS through New Missions (who is running very low on food because they are distributing to many in need in the Leogane Plain in Haiti - one of the hardest hit area and where we will be traveling) - I just posted YESTERDAY and already we've sold 8 pairs of earrings! To check out the designs and buy a pair or 2, click HERE. Or check them out on my Facebook, click HERE. More designs being posted today.

If you live in our area (Grand Falls, NB), a news article will be in the Grand Falls Cataract this week (and then possibly the Victoria Star, but not this week) for an article about with Roland Beaulieu about their trip this past December. I dont' know if you remember, but I collected donations for rice for this trip. We ended up raising $500.

If you want to do something, here are some ways you can. Will you? If we all do just a little, it all equals alot!

Spread the word, forward this email, share my blog address on your blog, tell someone about our cause
Buy some earrings for gifts, to sell, to wear
Donate some items
Talk to your dentist or doctors enlisting their help

If you have any other ideas about how you can help in the most simplest of ways, PLEASE contact me at tara.morin473@gmail.com.

THANKS for taking 5 minutes to reading a legit email from me (not like my last email about the missing boy in Ontario - eeesh)!!!


Go to: Eyes Wide Open for more information on items we are collecting, earring designs and some inspiration.

Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, know that we know, and holds us responsible to act.
Tara is working for a wonderful cause, I hope you can contribute, even if it's an email of encouragement or a small prayer for her.
Thanks :)

January 19, 2010

It's a Giveway for Haiti

We all know the devestation that has taken grip of Haiti.
But before this happened a friend of mine was already planning a missions trip there next December.
Now my friend is raising money by selling hand made earrings.
100% of sales will go towards buying rice & beans.

So in support of my friend I'll be giving away two pairs of earrings here on my blog.
I know it's not a huge donation but I want to show my support. And what better way than a freebie for you!!
Check out her blog HERE to see which ones you like and in the meantime buy a pair too.
How to win....
Leave a comment on this blog post about your best "cheap" gift that you were given.
Winners will be picked at random.
I have lots of fav cheao gifts but one was an elephant snowglobe.
I LOVED it, it was a birthday gift from a co-worker. When I thanked her for it because I love elephants so much, she laughed and admitted that it was from the Dollarstore, go figure :)
And guys be sure to enter....Valentine's is just around the corner. These would make a great gift.
Thanks for your support, can't wait to read your comments!

January 17, 2010

Sunday Morning

I love Sunday mornings....and today is no exception. Actually today was an especially lovely Sunday morning. After Jesse got up and I fed him...I snuggled him down in bed with Daddy & I where he chewed his hands and watched our cieling fan.
I started to doze back off to dreamland.
Daddy got up and took Jesse with him.
About 45 min later I wake up....aaahhh I actually got to sleep in!!
 Mind you I was still up at 9:15 but that is TOTALLY sleeping in these days :)
Then Jesse goes down for his nap and and Daddy goes to hockey.
I start checking emails and one of my weddings are now post poned ....boo-hoo!
So July 17th is now available again.....would appreciate if you could put out the word...lol.
In the meantime, what's a post without a photo?!?

Despite all these up's and down's with my photography, I'm loving every minute.
And learning just as fast :)
Life is good, happy and fun.....can't ask for more than that.