June 24, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

As most of you know I did a Trash the Dress session.
Now I have a dilemma....
How Should I Keep my Photos?
Option 1....
Buy 40 - 10x10 prints for this very expensive leather album that I have.
I bought it for a client, it was the wrong size. So I bought her the correct size and now I have this one in a box collecting dust. It's just TOO Beautiful to be wasted.
I'm considering using my professional lab in the US to print the 10x10 photos for me, however it would be quite expensive.
Which is just money I don't really have right now (being on maternity leave and all)
However, I LOVE the idea of having such a high end keepsake of my photos.
I think for a couple of reasons....
1) I think high end products are very important to preserving special memories. I really do believe in this, which is why I want it as much for myself as I do for my clients.
2) Kristen & I "kind of" eloped so we never had a professional photographer at our wedding. 
Yes we ended up with some beautiful images but none were professional per se and some single bridal shots that I would have liked for my wedding day were missed. Such as some of the poses Angie did during my TTD session.
To help you out here are a few images of the awesome leather album.

Option 2....
A less expensive hardcover magazine style option which I custom design
(most of my brides are getting this album this summer - with either custom photo cover or simple leather cover)
I love the idea of this album being completely custom!!

Custom Designed Cover

Sample 2 page layout - 1 photo on each page
Left side would have photo centered and right photo would cover the entire page
Did I mention I love album design?

Okay give it to me....your two cents worth. 
I HATE being in-decisive so all feedback is MORE than appreciated!


Angie said...

ohhhh ok..
this is a TOUGH ONE! The leather album is BEAUTIFUL! But, I think maybe, if you do the custom album, then you can also use it as a sample to show your clients! :-) And you do such a great just customizing!

Anonymous said...

I really love the leather one. It's something that would preserve you pics great & can't you just picture it being looked at by your child(ren) & grandchildren....:) I vote LEATHER!!!

Christa said...

Update: I went with the leather option :)