June 29, 2010

Caledon Engagement Photos - Amanda & Brad

They met as teenagers at a McDonald's....she was 17, he was 19
I don't know why but when Amanda told me how they met I sighed. McDonalds....it just has an innocence about it. 
That initial meeting went quite well since Amanda & Brad were married October of 2009 at The Old Mill 
She explained to me that they had professional photos on their wedding, even professional photos on their honeymoon but somehow missed out on professional engagement photos.
When they heard about the Banty's Roost Engagement Event, they seized the opportunity.
Boy am I glad they did! Amanda & Brad were awesome.
Brad has a quiet demeanor about him and Amanda just makes you smile.

We started out at "The Barn" the signature building for the whole event

Then I found this little spot on the ground under a tree with the most amazing light. Seriously I could have stayed there all afternoon

These next couple were again taken by "The Barn"
How hot of a couple are they?

Thank you Brad for pretending the grass wasn't bothering your head :) :) :)
You worked it out!!!!

Brad also suggested they have some photos with "green" in them.
Green please! Check & Mark!!

Then I thought...well why not some blue?

Random benches? Yep...let's move them over by that tree k? K :)

Amanda laughs a lot....which I loved. She has the best smile!

I can't decide which of these I like more so I'm sharing both

 Love this one too

 Everytime I look at this one I picture a metallic float wrap hanging on the wall 
(note this product is a new and unique product that isn't offered by many photographers)


And my favourite photo from the day. Simply because Amanda is gorgeous, has the MOST amazing eyes and well she's just fierce!!!
Amanda & Brad I'm so lucky to have been matched with you for the Banty's Roost Engagement event, I couldn't have picked a better couple myself.


Deana B said...

This is Amazing work!!!

Angie said...

Stunning job Christa!!! Cant wait for next week!!!!! My turn!!!!

Tara said...

ABSOLUTELY beautiful...love the one of the heads (side by side) on the grass! FANTASTIC job Christa!!!

cole B said...

Wow!!!!! Great Photo shoot Krista...you've captured some great memories here....

Myrna Hynes said...

Love that last one - she is really stunning! Great job!