June 26, 2010

What's In - Summer 2010

I follow other wedding photographers blogs. For inspiration, learning, and the list goes on.
In observing their weddings I've noticed a few themes of what's "IN" right now.
So if you're planning your wedding, bridal shower, or even a baby shower here's my storyboard of a few items that are where it's at right now

Anything "bird" themed, especially peacocks. Not to mention bird cages and nests. I notice a LOT of wedding bouquets now have feathers somehow incorporated in them. Or bridesmaids are wearing a simple hair piece made of peacock feathers.
I checked Etsy for some and found LOTS...check this link HERE

Mason jars, lemons and lemonade. Mmm....it just screams summertime :)

And last but not least....sparklers and paper lanterns. In fact, I've asked all my brides this year if they're doing sparkler exits because they're awesome! I actually do have one bride who is has included paper lanterns into her decor for her reception...can't WAIT to get images of that.

What else do you think is IN for summer 2010????


Anonymous said...

I think you're "in" this summer... :)

Paula alexander said...

I see butterflies in the summmer..<3<3

Angie said...

sweet! This is awesome! Creative post by the way! Hmmm.....what else is in?? I will think about it and get back to you.....lol