June 30, 2010

Float Wraps

Yesterday I mentioned how one of Amanda & Brad's photos would look great as a float wrap.
Most people don't know what a float wrap is as it's a very new & unique product to the photography industry.
A lot of photographers don't even carry this item as part of their product line.
When I saw what these float wraps looked like, I was sold. 
They're beautiful! 
Canvas is great and I do offer that but I truly believe that these floats wraps are a stand out piece (pun intended....lol) for any living space or bedroom.

All float wraps are protected with a laminate coating and comes complete with the back of the Float Wrap covered with a black paper backing and a black ¾" thick gatorboard block that allows the Float Wrap to extend out from the wall. The back of the block also contains drilled holes for hanging. 

Gator board block on back which is the magic piece that makes the print "float" off the wall

I love that I'm caring such a unique product that my clients can purchase and be proud of.
What's your favourite products to buy from photographers? Large prints (such as canvas/float wraps), regular wall prints, or custom design albums? Or something completely different that I haven't mentioned?
Feedback welcomed :) 

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Myrna Hynes said...

I still can't quite "picture" it - I have to google more. Looks very interesting.