April 18, 2010

This & That - Sunday Edition

Jody did a 'this & that" blog post so I figured I'd take the idea.....a la Sunday Edition

I haven't been blogging much this week since I've come down with a head cold but for whatever reason, it seems to be really taking its toll on me. For that matter, it seems since April arrived I've been completely off with my regular blogging schedule. Must be the nice weather.

Lots going on with the photography side of things. A friend of mine Angie has just launched her photography business. We've been working together to get her going and have big plans to continue working together over the summer in other areas as well. Check her out on Facebook, she has a free photo shoot giveaway going on right now.
Click HERE

Very discouraged with a product that I ordered from my lab in the US. Seems that I'll be keeping them for the prints but finding a new printer for other items.

Lots of feedback about me eventually phasing out family photography.....hmm maybe I'll keep it and up the prices so I'm not spreading myself so thin. That'll work won't it :)

Went to see Grease last night. The show was good, not blow your socks off great. But definitely entertaining. Didn't go to see Taylor Hicks but they're promoting him in the show like CRAZY. He plays Teen Angel and did GREAT. They totally played it up and he fit the role perfectly. However at the end of the show he performed a single from his new album, don't get me wrong the song was great. But now I'm wondering if this Grease tour is actually a Taylor Hicks CD launch tour..!?!?!?

Actually had to turn down a couple of weddings for this summer due to scheduling of other weddings :(
Why couldn't they all just work out perfectly for all my available weekends?  :)

My Little Man turns 7 months this week and I'm already worried about babysitters and returning to a day job :(
Any words of encouragement or advice?

Decided today was going to be a day of rest, so far its been going pretty well :)


Renee said...

My advice is to start screening babysitters at least a month or 2 in advance. Make sure its somewhere you're comfortable having him (nothing worse then worrying all day about how he's being treated) and that he's just as comfortable being there. You might have to check out tons before you find one you're happy with.

Also, be open to people who do it in their homes, daycare centres and the ones that come to your home.

Its nice when there are other kids there around his age too. Alot of places have mostly school age kids so then its just the baby and the adult all day-not very fun for him.

If you're REALLY uncomfortable with leaving him, you can even pay the extra to have him with a daycare where you can view him online throughout the day.

AND, always remember that no matter what, kids are gonna cry after their Mommys some days...it sucks but it happens

Anonymous said...


Just had to comment on your Grease experience. You sound like me. I got invited by a friend. Never was a Grease fan. I am now. I loved Vince Fontaine. He was so funny and very cute. I thought Taylor Hicks and Frenchie were hilarious. Taylor was great singing in the show. I was surprised when he came out after the show to sing. My friend told me that other "celebrity" guest stars had done songs after the show when they were in Grease, so it's nothing unique to Taylor Hicks. I loved the song he did, though. All in all, I had a great time.

Christa said...

@ Anonymous: thanks for commenting.....I have to agree Vince Fontaine was HILARIOUS! He did such a great job getting the audience into everything before the show even started :) Was thoroughly impressed by him.

H...couz said...

Just wanna coment on Renee's last comment ( they will still cry sometimes) Since working in a daycare although it is soooo hard to leave your child while they are crying...YOU NEED TO GIVE A KISS AND HUG and then tell your child you will be back after work and leave as per normal...this makes transition for child and parent easier in the long run! If you stay and try to console them it may confuse them and they will cry MANY, MANY more days and "know' that if I cry mommmy or daddy will stay and trust me IT WONT GET ANY EASIER...From experience ( and you would actually have to see it to believe it,as my child went through it all) that when you leave and they Know you are gone that they stop crying and go about their daily routines within a couple minutes 9 outta 10 times....
ITS NOT EASY but makes it much more worth it in the end!!!! PROVEN !!!