April 26, 2010

Trash the Dress - Bobbi Ann

It was almost two years ago when I photographed Bobbi Ann & Geremy's wedding.
While Bobbi Ann and I were discussing her son's portrait session (coming soon) we got talking about her, and what she might like.
We started planning a Just Because session and before you knew it, we were throwing in a Trash the Dress session too!
I was soooooo excited.
We found this truck in Norval, we received some "ah-hem" unpleasant looks from some neighbours but nobody said anything and we shot away.
I'm glad we did, I love the results

It was such a bright day that sunglasses were required. Funny how the images of Bobbi Ann wearing the sunglasses ended up being my favourites.

So I realize Bobbi Ann is completely squinting in this one but I had to share because I LOVE her reflection in the window :)

A feather boa makes everything sexy

This one is my favourite

This one is smokin' too

LOVE the pink on the running shoes!

OH yeah, she worked it out!

I know these sessions are called "Trash the Dress" but you don't actually have to trash it. But then again, do you plan on wearing it anymore?  :)
I had so much fun.....and I still have the feather boa too!
No worries, this won't be the last you see of these Trash the dress sessions. I have more scheduled this summer. Can't wait!!!
Tomorrow....more of Bobbi Ann's "Just Because" session


Jenny said...

Love these Christa...i'd love to trash my dress...have some cool ideas....sounds like so much fun and a total stress release!!

Kare said...

These are awesome - I'm hoping to shoot a TTD session this summer; I'm almost looking more forward to that than shooting the wedding!