April 13, 2010

Just Because: Kenda

She's not your typical girl.
She's quiet and soft spoken. Her voice has a certain tone to it that makes you pay attention when she speaks.
And though she does wear jewellry, make up and styles her hair, she's just not a girly girl per se.
She knows who she is. She's laid back, she has a dry sense of humour, she cares, she worries, she loves her family, she's definitely the strong silent type.
Kenda is family and like a baby sister to me. So when she said she was coming to visit (mostly baby Jesse) I jumped at the chance to do a "Just Because" session with her.

Fixing her hair, or maybe fidgeting with her hair? We were just beginning, this was the first shot out of the camera.
I think she's a natural

Then a vehicle went by laughing at me lying on the ground to get this shot of Kenda

Ugh....how embarrassing

But at least he gave the thumbs up!

Love this backlight

Kenda has the most amazing blue eyes....but I prefer the simplicity of this photo in black and white to really show her flawless beauty

However, I will show you this one so you can see her awesome eyes

Just chillin'

Kenda's boyfriend Erik came along too, so I grabbed a few quick snaps of him

And of course, some of them together

Too cute

To set up this next photo I have to explain how Kenda & Erik love the Bench clothing line.
I know they sell it at Jean Machine, not sure where else.
Kenda suggested they have a photo taken together wearing their newly purchased Bench jackets.
Of course me seeing the irony in it all, immediately suggested finding a park bench as the prop.
I think it turned out just fine
Super cute!

Kenda I had so much fun. Let's do it again on your next visit.
I love how you aren't the typical girl and for being an honourary baby sister, I love you for exactly the person that you are!


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Tara said...

OH CHRISTA...just AMAZING girl, she is beautiful...and you are SO talented, both in photography and in words! You go, GIRL!!!

Jenny said...

These shots are great Christa, you should totally find a way to get that pic to the makers of "bench" clothing...it looks like a magazine ad for them.