March 15, 2011

The Hunger Games

I love to read.
And lately, the last few fictional strictly entertainment books I have attempted to read have been horrible. I can barely get started, let alone finish them. I hate not completely reading a book.
The most recent being a book that I had for 6 weeks and no matter how many times I picked that book up I never did get past chapter 3. It was like pulling teeth...I just couldn’t get into it, at all.
So I returned the book to my local library and instead borrowed The Hunger Games 

I’ve had it less than a week and already into Chapter 4.
If you’ve read this book or the whole trilogy for that matter, please don’t ruin it for me...but I must say so far I’m really enjoying it.
It’s about time that I find a good book.
Again as always suggestions or sharing of what you’re reading now are always welcomed :)


Anonymous said...

Heh Christa.... sorry can't give any suggestions as for books cause I HATE READING..I just can't get into it..I soooo envy you! I tell Erica that she HAS to be like her Great Grandmother because she didnt get the love of reading from her mother or her father...she actually CRIES when we put her to bed and don't let her read which only happens if its REAL late! The only thing I read on a regular basis would be the bible and thats difficult at times but I guess thats the best thing we can read and TRY to inderstand! LOL
Anyhow....I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I seriously enjoy your blogs ( and miss them when you don't blog for a few days!! ) Hope all is well...kiss that boy of yours for me ( I DONT mean Kristen)

Holly said...

I just finished reading the secret life of bees by sue kidd and it was really good. i also really enjoyed the secret daughter by shilpi gowda and still alice by lisa genova.

my mom had suggested the hunger games to me as well so i'm hoping to read that one soon too!

Christa said...

@ Heather: I guess Erica & I both got the love of reading honestly enough :)

@ Holly: I have heard of a couple of those books, waiting in line at the public library for my turn...long waiting lists for some of them. Will check out the rest that you mentioned :)

Angie said...

if you not looking for education books but just a leisurely fictional story...I really love Karen Kingsbury> I have alot of her books that you can borrow anytime!!