March 6, 2011

Creative: Vicki

In January I had this bright idea that I wanted to push myself creatively and do a winter Just Because session.
I had a few motivations behind this...
a) I wanted to keep shooting so not as to get rusty over the slower winter months
b) I've only really ever done one winter session and wanted to push myself professionally
c) I wanted to try some techniques in both shooting and editing and figured the "off" season was the best time

I called up my dear friend Vicki and asked her if she'd be willing to model for me, thankfully she was :)

I loved this creative session because it forced me to deal with a few challenges that I haven't really experienced before.
1) it was sooooo cold that my hands kept going numb to the point that I could barely tell if I was pushing the shutter button
2) it was so cold that by the end of the session, even my camera was hesitating to shoot on demand. Yep even the camera felt numb and had a delay
3) the brightness of winter snow on a sunny day was definitely something new to learn from a lighting point of view.

And now...Part 1 of my Just Because Creative Winter Session.
There's a reason I asked Vicki to model for me....simply because she's BEAUTIFUL!!!
Love the shoes!
Technical notes for you fellow photographers
All images were taken on RAW format
All images were edited in lightroom using presets


Angie said...

Excellent job Chrissy! And of course, Vicki's a great choice!! Vicki you are always stunning. Christa you always rock behind the camera!!
You've outdone yourself again girl!

Pam said...

Awesome job, Christa! #3 & the last one are my favs. Looking forward to seeing more!

Myrna Hynes said...

Gorgeous shots of a gorgeous subject! My favs are 3,4 and the one with the shoes, of course!

vicki said...

Love them Christa!!! Can't wait to see the rest!!! Your awesome!

Jenny said...

Wow, awesome job...Vicki you look great!!

Tara said...

She IS beautiful and you did an AMAZING shots Christa. How did your camera do? When I take mine in the cold it majorly lags.