March 21, 2011

Creative: Vicki - Part III

So this creative session with Vicki has helped me realize what I already suspected.
I LOVE winter sessions.
They just bring a whole other vibe that your typical summer sessions don't.
I love summer sessions, but I really appreciated the new challenges, the fabulous winter light and the awesome images I was able to capture of Vicki.

Love me some Uggs

Okay I just have to say how BRAVE Vicki is to just lie in the snow and make angels in the FREEZING weather that we were having that day.
She was such a sport and the resulting shots were awesome.

See? Such a good sport :)

I've also discovered a preset that leaves a purple finish on the images rather than black and white or sepia and I'm LOVING it :)

And last but not least my absolute favourite image from this series.


Anonymous said...

Wow what a wonderful bunch of shots. All I can say is beautiful,beautiful, beautiful!Vicki you look Fabulous. Christia terrific work. TT

Tara said...

WOW...AMAZING shots Christa! She is SO gorgeous and you are SO talented!!!

Angie said...

Nice job Chrissy. The first pic in this part is by far my fav.

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