March 28, 2011

Cambridge Engagement: Blaine & Amy

They met online. Started sharing emails and then decided it was time to move on to Skype.
After getting to know each other via the good 'ol internet it was time to meet in person. Valentines of 2010 Blaine & Amy met for the first time....face to face, in Nashville.
Since then they've carried on a long distance relationship between two countries.
Amy the American.
Blaine the Canadian.
But it seems that's all that separates them.
Otherwise they go together like peanut butter & jelly.
This past Christmas, Blaine proposed and this coming October they will be united as one and become husband & wife.
It was my pleasure to do their engagement photos this past weekend in Cambridge.

Amy was only spending the weekend in Canada and had a full schedule so despite freezing temperatures, we went ahead with an early sunrise session.
It was so cold there were times I couldn't even feel my fingers push the shutter button on my camera :(
But it was worth it, just look at how beautiful a morning it was.

And c'mon you can't argue how nice this is

You may have seen one very similar to this on Facebook or on the previous blog post.
I was LOVING this sunlight. I really wish I could do more of these early shoots.

After these few images we decided to head back to Blaine's house (thankfully only minutes from this location) to warm up and to do an outfit change.
Then back to the bridge for these awesome shots!

By this time the light was getting pretty harsh so we finished up with a simple prop

Blaine & Amy congrats on your engagement.
I love you both and can't wait for your big day :)
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to photograph you in spite of the late spring weather not being in favour.
With Much Appreciation, Christa


Anonymous said...

Wow it may have been cold but they really got some wonderful shots. Well done Christa. TT

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures love it What a great couple and great friends

Angie said...

Nice job Chrissy. But I have to say, the second photo (sitting infront of water) is THE BEST! love that one!!!