June 22, 2011

Stylized Portrait Session - Jesse & Leah Together

You may remember when I did this post about designing a stylized portrait session.
This one was called Orange & Country Roads
Angie of Angie White Photography decided who better to bring to life than our own little munchkins Leah & Jesse.
We didn't use the orange chair but we did use the oranges and crates. And we also used some vintage suitcases and a globe. Not to mention totally stylin' the kids outfits to go with the overall theme.
And now I present....Leah & Jesse Vintage Portrait Session

They loved the "balls"
I think they were busier throwing them than posing. And we were busier trying to round them up than taking actual photos :)

One of my favourites

No children's portrait session would be complete without them trying to put at least one thing in their mouth

I didn't go over as well as they had hoped....lol.

Yep I think these two are definitely keepers!!

Stay tuned I have at least two more blog posts of these two to share


Liz said...

This is totally adorable you did such a great job!!!

DeanaB said...

AMAZING Christa!!!

Anonymous said...

omg...I love it! So freakin' adorable. Absolutely amazing!

Anonymous said...

Super Super cute! I love them all! Can't wait to see more. Adorable children, love how you captured the natural actions of them. Well done. TT

paula alexander said...

This is the nicest by fart Christa! What a job! amazing photos!

paula alexander said...

lol..I made a spelling mistake! omg!! not fart! but far! :)

Myrna Hynes said...

So super cute! Love the vintage look clothing :)

Ange said...

Love the pictures Christa. When did Jesse get so big??? The expression on Leah's face after tasting the orange peel is priceless.

Paula, your typo has me laughing! I'm so glad I didn't have any tea in my mouth or I'd be cleaning my computer instead of typing this.. :)

Jennifer said...

Awesome!!!! Love them all!!!!!