June 27, 2011

Stylized Portrait Session: Lollipops & Candy

Today I feature the last part of Jesse & Leah's stylized portrait session. This shoot and the resulting images gave me so much joy. My task now consists of which images to use on the storyboard that I want to create....eeesh...decisions!!
So after the oranges we gave the kids a quick outfit change and then pulled out "the good stuff"....candy!!

Sure does look good doesn't it?

He, he


Then the whole idea was for the kids to give up the lollipops and have some ice cream. Jesse would have none of it....lollipops all the way for him. But isn't that life with kids?
It really didn't matter...these kids are on so much cuteness overload ice cream or lollipops wouldn't have made a difference.

I LOVE how they are both just enjoying their own special treat in this one...

I could just squish her....and I mean that in a good way.....lol

and last but not least my favourite of Jesse from this series.

If you think a stylized portrait session is something you would want to do with your family or children do not hesitate to get in touch. We'll start from scratch and figure out a whole session stylized to suit your personalities. Or if you love the props we used with Leah & Jesse then mention that and we can use those too,....obviously just tweaking a few things to customize the session to you.

I hope you've all enjoyed the Leah & Jesse mini series. I know I sure did....and the best part Angie & I are already throwing ideas around for their next session.


paula alexander said...

The photos bring you back in time, I guess its they outfits! A job well done! Just adorable! Congrats!

Angie White said...

sweetness!! I cant wait for the next session!

Jennifer said...


Anonymous said...

Terrific job! Just supper super cute!TT

Anonymous said...

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