January 17, 2010

Sunday Morning

I love Sunday mornings....and today is no exception. Actually today was an especially lovely Sunday morning. After Jesse got up and I fed him...I snuggled him down in bed with Daddy & I where he chewed his hands and watched our cieling fan.
I started to doze back off to dreamland.
Daddy got up and took Jesse with him.
About 45 min later I wake up....aaahhh I actually got to sleep in!!
 Mind you I was still up at 9:15 but that is TOTALLY sleeping in these days :)
Then Jesse goes down for his nap and and Daddy goes to hockey.
I start checking emails and one of my weddings are now post poned ....boo-hoo!
So July 17th is now available again.....would appreciate if you could put out the word...lol.
In the meantime, what's a post without a photo?!?

Despite all these up's and down's with my photography, I'm loving every minute.
And learning just as fast :)
Life is good, happy and fun.....can't ask for more than that.

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