January 28, 2010

The Skinny

Never say never
The statement is so true.
How many times have I said "never" will I and I've very quickly eaten my words.
Today it holds true....again!
Today I bought skinny jeans!!!!

Yep I broke down and bought skinny jeans.
Mom & Dad gave me an awesome pair of boots for Christmas but for them to be worn to their full potential I needed skinny jeans or dark brown leggings.
Since MOST of my jeans are too big for me right now, I figured a new pair of jeans would be the best bang for the buck. Yes...I said almost all my jeans are too big.
I really contemplated writing about this for about a month now but this seems to be the appropriate time.
I fear the hate mail I might get after today's post.....
I've lost weight...a lot of weight. I'm 12lbs smaller now than I was when I got pregnant.
12lbs is a lot of weight when in general I'm not a big person.
I've never really struggled with my weight, growing up I was often picked on for being too small, scrawny, skinny, boney, boyish, no curves....shall I go on?
I ate well but I was picky.
Now I'm much healthier, I eat more veggies now than ever and though I still enjoy junk food in moderation and have a honest addiction to chocolate I do not starve myself in anyway shape or form.
Yet this weight loss freaks me out. My whole wardrobe is useless, I hate feeling so boney and mishapen.
I know so many of you are huffing and puffing right now thinking if only she knew how hard it was to struggle with weight.
My mom is over weight and I've seen her struggle so trust me I can relate to what you're going through. And I'm very proud to say she's doing her own weight loss journey now and so far has been very succesful....Go Mom!!! Love you.
But consider the other side of the story.
I'm made to feel GUILTY for being thin. People honestly get angry with me, they make me feel as if I should feel bad for being thin and not struggling with my weight.
I'm very lucky to be blessed with this but I have to deal with negativities of being thin as well.
Yet I envy those oh so womanly curves so many of you have that I just have not been blessed with.
All I'm trying to say is the grass could always be greener if we allow it.
We all have our own personal struggles whether it be weight, insecurity, addictions, etc.
So don't judge, let's see the beauty in everyone and appreciate our differences.
And when I wear my skinny jeans, don't hate, though I'm trying to dress cute and be somewhat fashionable....I'm secretly screaming insecurity inside and hoping I'm not being a huge "faux pas"


Stephanie said...

I could have written this post-well not right at present time since I`m 7 months pregnant (and +25 lbs) but you know what I mean.

I was smaller after having Rylan too (only 5 lbs but that is a lot for me) It`s the breastfeeding(I`m assuming you are but not sure)

I have been small my entire life-I am not picky at all-I eat everything but I do eat healthy most of the time. People think it`s okay to say "you`re so skinny" whereas it`s rude to say "you`re so fat" even though they usually mean the skinny comment with a negative connotation. (half the time I`m sure they`re thinking she doesn`t eat-it`s a big joke between my friends and me- cause it couldn`t be further from the truth)

Anyway, I`ve been wearing Skinny Maternity jeans-they Rock!

Jody said...

All the power to ya Miss Christa. If I could pull off skinny jeans I certainly would and be freakin proud about it. There will always be people out in the world that will have an opinion on weight. I get it as well. If I say I'm cold it's because I don't have enough "meat" on my bones. lol. I'm not the biggest nor the smallest person in the world but leave me be darn it. :P
Anywho, can't wait to see ya this summer sporting the skinny's. Maybe by that time I'll have a pair of my own (maybe...lol)
Take care and now you realize you have to post a pic of you in the jeans...lol

Myrna Hynes said...

Well let me be the first to leave a "hater" comment...lol...but not seriously, I totally love you, am super jeolous of your ability to wear skinny jeans (post pics!), and think you look absolutely FAB just the way you are...and you rock a bikini too!
And I agree with Steph, it's probably the breastfeeding...but why didn't that work with me? Probably cause I'm NOT a healthy eater, yeah that could be it!