July 22, 2011

Walk Through A Wedding with Justin & Mary

I don't want to stop blogging about the Spread the Love and Walk Through a Wedding Workshop with Justin & Mary. I've been so deeply affected in a positive way that I don't want the feeling to end. 
I just want to say that if you're ever given the opportunity to attend both or at least one of either of these please JUMP at the opportunity, it's so worth the investment.
I also want to add that Justin & Mary are the real deal. Who they are on the blog is who they are in person. Genuine and down to earth :)

Now for my last few images to clue everything up on this Friday evening! 

First here's some behind the scenes shots....Justin chatting it up with Emma Poliquin
If you're from the Halifax area, check her out!

Mary setting up our models. I HEART Mary :)

Okay so these hats get a shot all their own because Julia MADE them herself. Yep....I'm totally impressed. One of the girls keep asking Mary all day how to get herself a Julia....I  can't remember the exact conversation but I do recall Mary saying something along the lines of not being allowed to have her Julia :)

Then it was time to get schooled about off camera flash. This was ONE of the main reasons I signed up for this workshop. I was not disappointed. Here we were learning how to photograph detail shots using the shoot through umbrella. 

And this shot is where I was personally getting schooled about the off camera flash because I was being blonde, or pregnant, or just simply dumb and was not getting it until I took this image. 
EXTRA kudos to Justin & Mary for being so patient with me.

And last but not least my FAVOURITE off camera flash image. 
Brent & Patti I met earlier in the week at the Spread the Love seminar and they came along to help out at the workshop for a few of the "what I call" night shots.
Brent is a wedding photographer from the Milton area....so you'll definitely want to be checking out his work too. They too are a super sweet couple.

So yep that's it....the conclusion of the seminar and workshop blog posts, photos, and ramblings. All kinds of new goodies next week. Have a fabulous weekend everyone and I hope you have some awesome summer plans up your sleeves! Get out and enjoy :)
Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for sharing your experiences with us. I love watching you grow! Take care.TT

Angie said...

cool! I really like the second last shot. nice job!

Emma Poliquin said...

This is wonderful! Great images and I love your blog!!! Definitely adding it to Google reader! Do you remember what the name of the place is that we shot in?

Christa said...

@Emma; so far as I know it was rockwood conservation area. I have the link on my previos posts

jacobohadcock said...

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