July 21, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Wedding - Olivia & Joseph

Now for part II of the Alice in Wonderland wedding. 
Olivia was dressed to be the Alice of the day. Yeah she fit the role perfectly....and well Joseph he was the perfect compliment to her.

Hair & Make Up: Jessica Jean Myers
I absolutely LOVE Joseph's expression in this one

And then gorgeous Olivia and that dress and that hair and, and,......you get the idea :)

One of my many favourites

And this one too

Tomorrow I'll finish up with a few odds and ends that I want to show you and then I'll move on. 
I really can't say enough about how awesome this workshop was. But then really I hope you can see for yourself :)


Tara said...

Beautiful Christa! Just beautiful!

katie said...

YAY! Christa...these are gorgeous!!!!!! So glad to have met you:)

Anonymous said...

Wow well done. Gold star for sure. Really happy you went to this workshop & enjoyed it so much. Beautiful photos, I really can't wait until my big day cause I will have fantastic memories & that is what it is all about for me & looking at all of this is just what I want. Can't wait! Come on 2013! Take care.TT

Myrna Hynes said...

These are beautiful! I just love the theme...how she's Alice and he's the mad hatter...how cool is that?!

Angie said...

Beautiful! The bride photos are my fav!

Wenni Donna said...

How great Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding!! Gratitude for sharing these pictures. I truly enjoyed this post because the theme chosen by this couple is very unique and everything was executed fabulously. We have just booked one of the NYC wedding venues and now I am considering this theme for the big day.