July 20, 2011

Alice In Wonderland Wedding: Jenna & Jonathan

I want to begin by extending a huge thank you to Justin & Mary for hosting the Walk Through A Wedding Workshop. I've learned so much and my mind is seriously still in a whirlwind....and again I apologize for asking so many questions :)

Part 1 begins with Jenna & Jonathan who are in fact an actual couple, and boy did it show. They're so affectionate and sweet together. 

Hair & Make Up: Jessica Jean Myers

Jenna was tailored to be similar to the White Queen in the Alice In Wonderland story...she rocked it out!

Time for some croquet

My absolute FAVE image of Jenna from the day

Then we headed over to the bridge for these awesome images

Part 2 tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love it! Wow what great shots. I love how you have captured the fine details. Wow 2013won't come soon enough for me. Why is my wedding so far away. LOL
Fantastic job. I love the photo on the bridge. I just love them all did I say that already! Take care. TT

Angie said...

pretty. great job!
Rockwood Park is a great spot for photos. I did a couples sessio there last year and a family session.