January 23, 2011

Getting Started - Blogging

As a photographer starting out, some feel it's necessary to start a blog.
Should you blog or should you not?
Blogging is a matter of personal preference.
Some photographers would swear that blogging for their clients was the reason they became successful. On the other hand there are some very successful photographers out there who not only do not use blogs but probably don't even know what they are.

Truth is you need to do what's right for you and your brand.
I personally love blogging. I blogged long before I realized my dream of being a photographer.
This my old blog HERE
A blog can be useful for any number of personal or business reasons.
I even created a blog for my Mom's craft store Pic a Tenerife that actually serves as her website rather than a blog. I used a template from Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates
Now if you do decide to create a blog....here's a few of the resources that I know of.

This is who I use, mainly because I didn't know about any other free blogs servers when I first started, so I just stuck with what I knew.
In the beginning the templates were very limited wihtout much creativity.
Now you can create a very personalized blog without knowing too much html coding.
Another trick is to simply 'google it' whatever you're looking for.
If you google blogger templates you'll find pages and pages of free templates, coding tricks, tutorials and the list goes on.

Another free blogging site.

Now most photographers use 'photographer templates"
My personal favourites come from a site called  Tofurious
There are free templates that you can download & use, though they are called "wordpress" templates you do need to have a web host.
One 'cheaper' web host is Blue Cow Hosting
Check out their website HERE

Again I'm no blogging pro, but it's a bit of knowledge that I can share in hopes to help you start your own blog.
Whether you are a photographer or any other type of business owner.
Any questions please feel free to leave a comment and I'll respond as sometimes I ramble and don't explain myself very well.
Happy Blogging


Ange said...

What timing! I jsut started a blog the other day and came here to 'follow' you.
How do I do that?

Christa said...

That's awesome! I just added your blog to my faves :)
Umm...I think you need to add the "gadget" called followers. On your dashboard go to "Design" you'll see it there.

Ange said...

Thanks! I thought that gadget made it so others could follow ME. I do have it. I really dont get whole 'blogging thing'. I'll figure this out eventually.... You are bookmarked though!

Christa said...

Ohh....I thought that's what you meant about people following you. I don't have the follow me gadget added to my blog ....lol. Sorry total blonde moment.