January 20, 2011

Just Because: Michaella

Ohhh...that newborn cry. The little fingers, the little toes.
I wanted to squeeze and sniff her.
Yep cause that time it goes so quickly.
She behaved perfectly on a lovely Sunday afternoon.
Mommy & Daddy should be proud...actually I'm sure they are.

And now...Michaella
Don't you just love her little white boots?

Sweet toes

I love when Daddy's want this pose :)
She's so tiny in his hand

You might remember this one from the sneak peek

Michelle & Peter, thank you for allowing me to photograph your beautiful angel.
Congratulations and remember the sleepless night don't last forever...oh wait...I mean...
yeah...it only gets better from here :)


Anonymous said...

What a cute baby! :-)
Thanks Christa for the fantastic job you did, your patience and your gentle touch with our princess! xox

Angie said...

She's adorable!!
Great job Christa!!!

vicki said...

Fab job Christa! Beautiful, beautiful pictures!! She is a cutie!!!

Christa said...

Thanks Everyone, she was so easy to photograph :)

Anonymous said...

Stunning photos Christa...very nice work.


Tara said...

Oh my...I've been outta touch. I LOVE these photos.

ABSOLUTELY fantasic job Christa!

You continue to amaze me with your growth...it's just not stopping!

Keep it up!

Holly said...

the most stunning, gorgeous baby girl. ohmygosh....... fab job, my friend! :)))