October 17, 2010

Just Because: The Youngs

Ahhhh.....The Young Family.
So sweet and full of life.
We had a blast walking the beautiful trails of Island Lake Conservation Area. Basking in the warmth of probably the last summer like day we'll have until spring and of course taking in the spectacular fall colours.

Kelly, James, Kristen & Brandon are a family who enjoy the outdoors, the small pleasures in life, and being active. So to take their family portraits at this location were only appropriate to who they truly are as a family.

Of course their beloved Keisha came along too :)

My favourite image of Kristen. Such a pretty girl

And then there's Brandon. Who I wanted to bottle up and take home with me.
Doesn't he totally remind you of Macaulay Culkin?
Adorable :)

And well Mom & Dad....yeah they could hold their own

As we were getting near the end of the session we found this awesome spot with the most yummy light.

Kelly you are beautiful!

And well James, you aren't too shabby yourself :)

My favourite family shot

Kelly, James, Kristen, Brandon & Keisha...thank you for allowing me a small glimpse into your fabulous lives.
I left this session feeling like a beautiful friendship has begun :)
With Much Appreciation, Christa


Pamela Anthony said...

Wowzers, Christa! These are awesome!

Angie said...

Beautiful job Chrissy!
Miss you!

Myrna Hynes said...

It's been so long since I saw Kelly and James...the kids are so big now and adorable!!