October 18, 2010

One of Those Days

Friday ended up being "one of those days"
I forgot food and a sippy cup for Jesse when I was heading out the door.
When I picked him up that evening his babysitter very tactfully asked if I had her payment.
I gasped when I realized what I had done. Or actually what I hadn't done!
I normally pay her in the morning...eeesh!!!!
I ran to the car, grabbed my purse and started writing her a cheque.
Immediately I crossed out what I was writing and scribbled VOID across the cheque.
I was spelling her name wrong.
Gave her the cheque and realized I didn't fill out the amount.
Good Grief!
As I thanked her and wished her good night she gently asked me if she needed to call to make sure I got home okay. 
I laughed and reassured her I was fine!
A day where I was absent-minded. A day where life just kept overwhelming me and I couldn't keep my thoughts straight.
And yet somehow in it all I managed to keep my sense of humour and the day worked out to be okay.
I'm so lucky have the BEST babysitter in the world for Jesse, who not only cares deeply for him but GET'S ME! 
That's important.....lol :)


couz said...

he he...YEP, being a busy mom will do that to ya and on more days than we want to think about...oops!!

Mary Marantz said...

Girrrrl, I have been having some of those days myself!! I think we could all use a vacation! :)