September 3, 2010

What I Thought I Had Lost

If you have me as a friend on Facebook you might have noticed when my status update was one of sadness and disappointment.
Somehow with uploading my own personal photos and client photos I had mixed up a memory card thinking I had reformatted it and re-shot another session missing the professional photos I had taken of Jesse with his Great Grandmother Ball (my Dad's Mom)
After downloading a memory card retrieval program, going through every single CD, memory card and file on the computer I could think dearest hubby Kristen informed me via text message that the missing images were in fact on the memory card in HIS camera.
Phew....Thank Goodness!!!

Here's why I was so upset when I thought they were temporarily lost.....

"Clap your tiny hands for joy...."
I didn't even know this song until pretty much everyone in Newfoundland older than me were singing it to Jesse're beautiful!  Love you :)


Kare said...

These are beautiful - I would have been upset thinking they were lost, too. Jesse will treasure these when he's older!

Angie said...

This is the same song Nana White always sang with Leah while we were home. I cant believe you didnt know this song!! Where are you from girl!!!???

vanessa thomson said...

K, i am crying now.. Beautiful pictures again Christa. These are treasured now and will be for years to come. Great work as usual!
We are heading to Ontario next summer (last week of June, first week of July and you HAVE to be available to take family photo's for us... for sure this time!!

Tara said...

OH CHRISTA...I am SO happy that you found these. They are absolutely PRICELESS!!! Great job!