September 2, 2010

Just Because: The Morin Family

I knew her before I met her.
We've "kind of" known each other for years.
We've followed each other's blogs, introduced through a mutual friend.
We become Facebook friends.
I've supported her causes, she's supported my photography.
We've seen each other through up's and down's 
So to officially meet Tara of the Morin Family was the highlight of the day to say the least.
We just started chatting and the session as old friends.
As if we already knew each other, because really....we did :)

It was a pleasant afternoon, Jacques who is the quiet one of the family.
And their son Noah who's just full of life and jokes.

A momentary interuption by the train

But on with the session

My fave of Noah....what a cutie!

Tara you are a beautiful person who has a huge heart and a life full of blessings.
Thank you for being a friend and being you!
If you want to follow Tara's blog where she shares that love and those blessings click HERE
With much Appreciation, Christa


Tara said...

Aaaaaahhhh...I LOVE them Christa! You are such a doll, I'm blushing! Thank YOU so much...we had lots of fun too and I love the results!!! Can't wait to see more!

Tara said...

OH and the train just reminded me of poor Jesse who was quite the trooper after the fright of the noise of the train :( Poor guy!

Angie said...

nice job girl.
first one's my favorite.