September 6, 2010

Just Because: A Modern Family

They are a family defined by their own rules.
A family defined by love, laughter & fun.
A modern family that has broken the mold and clearly demonstrates that it works!
Meet Tara, Jarvis & Tyler  (and Maggie their dog too!)

 Tara.....such a sweet soul.
Perfect skin, soft spoken and an all around beautiful person

Jarvis....well Jarvis secretly hates me, lol....I kept giving him a hard time for not giving me a "real" smile
I finally managed to get this one out of him.
It's all good Jarvis, it's all good :)

And Tyler, well Tyler has an amazing ability to pull himself together and pose on cue.
I see such talent in him. 
His potential to be amazing is just oozing from him.
Remember his name, you will definitely see it in lights someday.

Even Maggie isn't your typical bullmastiff.
Yes she's docile and excellent with children which is normal for the breed.
In general these dogs are calm and laid back....
but oh no not Maggie...she's awesome! Full of goofiness and energy :)
We did manage to get a few of these awesome images of her

And one more for good measure. 
Yes I loved Maggie that much.
Do you think she'd be a good girlfriend for Boone??   :)

Tara's sister Sandi came along to help with Maggie between shots.
Sandi & I have created the "We hate Tara's perfect skin club"
....just kidding Tara we're just envious...that's all, we still like you...I think!??!  

Tyler rocked this session to no end!

This is why I insist on evening sessions
Yummy sunset light!


My Fave....oh yes :)

Tara, Jarvis, Tyler & Maggie (Sandi too)
I crave to live an "un-traditional" life
Un-defined by rules and guidelines.
Thank you for showing me the perfect example of just that.
With Much Appreciation, Christa

I'll conclude with my FAVOURITE image from the whole session, the ultimate modern family image


Tara said...

WOW...Great shots Christa. I LOVE the natural! What a sweet family!

Angie said...

First pic fav.