September 1, 2010

Raw Diet

In the beginning....when he was a puppy. He was always sick.
The slightest change in his diet threw him off for days :(
After numerous trips to the vet and tons of research by Kristen we decided to switch his food.
From the brand that everyone "thinks" is a good brand, to a really expensive high end brand.
The ingredients are all natural, no by-products and so on and so on.
When we added up the costs it was about equal to putting Boone on a completely raw diet.
Raw diet being all meat, fish, etc. Raw....uncooked.
It's kind of gross handling wet slimy meat but this is what dogs were made for.
To eat meat, their digestive tracts have enzymes purposely to break down the food appropriately.
Not the bagged stuff you get at your local grocery store. Sorry but it's true.
So this has been our choice, and a great one at that.
Boone is lean, no longer sick and healthier than ever :)

If you're a vegetarian or grossed out by raw meat, I apologize for the following photo of Boone enjoying his lunch!!

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