July 16, 2010

Gros Morne National Park: Holly & Jason (Part 4)

This is the 4th and final post for Jason & Holly's wedding. 
I need to finish up since I have another awesome wedding coming up tomorrow not to mention NUMEROUS portrait sessions that I need to get up here as well. And trust me, they are ALL worth the wait :)

Holly has a Dutch background and it would only be appropriate to have clogs to mark the occasion

After the ceremony on the Catamaran we headed to the reception hall *note awesome paper lanterns* mentioned previously here.....where Holly's Dad had requested a dance with her while she wear the clogs.

I love that they're holding hands. I would also like to mention that I think both Jason's & Holly's families are such wonderful people. 
Two moments from the day stood out particularly for me however. 
First was on the catamaran when I was standing off to the side doing my photographer thing when I overheard Holly's Mom say to one of Holly's sisters..."She's Happy" 
I wanted to start crying right then and there, I didn't but it sure touched my heart.
The second moment was when Holly's Dad made a point to come talk to me to tell me he appreciated that I interacted with the guests, most notable taking the time to dance with Holly :)
The entire day I loved watching the Kortleve family interacting and taking in the Nfld sites and traditions.
To both the Jason's family (Cullihalls/Reids) and Holly's family thank you, I felt so welcomed and comfortable among you.

To clue up a few more random favourites from throughout the day
Another newlywed couple

Sydney will be taking over Christa Hann Photography when I retire :)

We saw bald eagles, porpoises & whales

He, He cousins

Holly & Jason...THANK YOU! You are such dear friends to both Kristen and me.
We are so happy for you and wish you nothing but all the happiness and love any marriage can bring :)
Congrats and much love!


Holly said...

Thanks Christa! I'm so happy with how the photos have turned out so far!!! I can't stop looking at them :) can't wait to see the rest.

Angie said...

Love the clogs!!!