July 21, 2010

Just Because: The McKenzie Family

Almost two weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking photos for the McKenzie Family.
I met Mom and Dad (Stephanie & Cory) when I was in highschool. We were acquaintances, knew "of" each other but would never say we were friends per se.
Yet over the years Stephanie and I have somehow stayed in touch via blogs and facebook. So when she asked me if I was available, the answer was an immediate YES!

We started off chasing around oh so cute Rylan! 
What is it with kids wanting to pick up the biggest rock possible? 
Lesson to be learned maybe?

Loved his hair

The newest member of the family sweet Sophia

My fav :)

Cory & Stephanie are highschool sweethearts. 
I clearly remember the night he told a mutual friend of ours that she was "the one" 

He, he, he

More of sweet baby Sophia

Cory, Stephanie, Rylan& Sophia thank you for the afternoon we spent together. I had a lot of fun chatting and catching up.
It's so nice to call you friends.

Stayed tuned...Stephanie also did a Trash the Dress session.
Yeah she rocked it to say the least :)

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Angie said...

Beautiful family! Those kids are stinkin Adorable!
Great job Chrissy!