May 12, 2010

This Kid is Good

Saw someone tweeted this video so I watched it.
This kid is good!!
Check out his other videos of songs he wrote himself. The boy has talent. I think we'll see him around before long!

**Since posting this, Ellen showed the same video on her show today. AND he, his name is Greyson will be on the show tomorrow**


spiffykerms said...

I love the blonde girl's jaw dropping action while he sings, as everyone else has sad faces.

That kid can sing!

Myrna Hynes said...

Amazing talent! But then I was noticing a couple of the girls in the background who looked "Bored" the entire time. In a year when he's on stage, the same girls will be screaming and crying over him! Sadly, some people never seem to truly appreciate talent, but celebrity only.