May 13, 2010

Give Blood

Kristen & I donated blood last night.
It was quite the adventure since we took Jesse with us.
Our plan was for Kristen to go first then he would take Jesse then I would take my turn.
Well the volunteers would have none of it. They gladly took Jesse and played with him while both Kristen and I donated.
It was a great experience, took about an hour start to finish.
And today I feel just fine.
Here's a photo of the EXTRA bandage they put on both Kristen and myself (Kristens was white and blue) as a precaution since we would be lifting Jesse and you're not supposed to "lift" anything after donating.

Obviously I lifted

If you are healthy and able, please donate.
One of the volunteers had suggested I only donate a couple times a year (you can donate every 56 days if you want) since I'm more likely to be tired with a baby (she would be right)
While in the recovery area I heard an elderly gentleman said he's 2 donations away from having donated 100 times!!! That is so awesome :)
So please check out the Canadian Blood Services website by clicking HERE to find a location near you.
As they're slogan says "It's In You to GIVE"


vicki said...

Christa, i am so proud of the both of you for giving blood. I have a couple times in the past and keep on saying i want to make it a regular thing. When my nephew was in the hospital he had numerous blood and platelet transfusions and without them he would not have survived. You don't realize how important it is to do this until it affects someone you know. Thankyou. :)

Anonymous said...

Way 2 Go, Christa & Kristen. I donated, well attempted, to donate while I was in college. But because I'm such a whimp & hate blood I nearly passed out. Blood tests make me But if I could, I would definitely donate. :)

Tara said...

YAY....way to go GIRL!!! I dontate too (but I couldn't this week cuz i've been feeling under the weather and they wouldn't let me)!!! Joys of living in a small town, they only come once every 2 months (so if you miss one, you have to wait forever :( I started giving after we lost Joshua. While he was alive, he had SEVERAL transfusions and we promised we would start giving blood in his name! Jacques can't, he's got a weird disease (that's dormant)... Noah LOVES coming to 'give blood' (mostly for the treats afterwards) and says he will start when he gets old enough!

It's such a great thing for Jesse to see growing up...such a kind act of selflessness!!!

Proud of you!

Myrna Hynes said...

Good for you! I've never given blood...SHAME on me!!