April 7, 2010

New Direction

I've mentioned a few times as of late how I'm discovering who I am as a photographer and having a quite a few Aha! moments.
I've realized that I need to go in a bit of a new direction on the path I was going down to be truly passionate about what I do. With that in mind, it's time to share the following.....
This will be my last season doing childen and family portraits.
Although I enjoy this portion of my photography, I've realized that I'm spreading myself too thin and I need to focus on a main area and start phasing out the rest.
If you're interested in a family session I strongly urge you to book soon for the 2010 season.

If you're still wondering what direction I'm going in?
Well I've realized I'm most passionate about Weddings, Couples and Just For Her photography.
I love weddings and the accompanying engagement sessions.
But I've realized that in doing my "just because" sessions with the ladies, that these Just for Her shoots have seem to taken a special place in my heart.
As a woman who wants to celebrate life and true beauty I've realized that a lot of women feel the way I do.
They would love a photo shoot stylized JUST FOR HER.
From vintage, to boudoir, to sitting with a cup of coffee, as it's a true reflection of that woman and her beauty and her TRUE self. I have so many ideas with how I want to pursue this and will be taking time over the next few months to work out the fine details.

As a woman, just think....you give to everyone, your family, your husband, your children, your church, the local school. These shoots would be just about you. Stylized to fit your personality.
I'm even looking into having packages that would include a stylist coming on site to do hair and make up. But again that's down the road...I'm just working out the ideas right now.
So please all feedback is appreciated.
I'm so excited and feel good about the direction to which I'm going.
Your never ending support has not gone un-noticed, words do not adequately express the appreciation I feel towards you. And here we go....on another adventure :)


Anonymous said...

Can't say that I'm not disappointed that you won't be doing family shoots anymore because I am, however, I understand how it would definitely wear someone thin by taking on so much. You are an awesome photographer and specializing in those specific areas that you have chosen will make it a whole lot special for you. I look forward to our shoot this summer...YEAH TRASH THE DRESS!!! lol. take care.

Tara said...

Wwweeeuuuuf, glad I got you booked for this year for my family! Can't wait to live in Ontario and have a session of ME for my honey! I'm SO excited and honoured to know you! You are SO creative....