April 11, 2010

Sunday Night

It's after 11pm....I should be in bed. But I'm wide awake. I'm exhausted after a great weekend in Niagara Falls, my muscles ache from carrying Jesse around so much, sleepless nights due to hotel noise and Jesse stirring so much in his different environment, and I've been up since 6:30 this morning. I just got back from picking my cousin and her boyfriend up, they were at tonights Raptors game, and I guess the fresh air and night driving have awakened my senses rather than helping me settle down for the evening.

It seems since April came in I'm all off track with my blogging....but no worries my friends. There is LOTS in store for the coming weeks. A couple of sessions are booked and ready to go, one as early as tomorrow, spring is in the air, the grass is turning green, the days are longer with BEAUTIFUL sunset light, and I'll be updating some Mommy posts, photography 101, blogging 101 and maybe even a recipe or two. Oh yes, it's all coming, so hang on tight :)

I just remembered that I didn't get any reading done this weekend so I think I'll go to bed and do just that to calm my brain for restful sleep. Let's just hope Jesse does the same and doesn't wake Mommy up 10 minutes after she does :)

G'night....sleep tight!

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