March 25, 2010

Mini Cards Giveaway!!

That's right I'm giving away 4 sets of 15 mini cards
These cards are 1" high x 2.76" wide
They're super cute and the perfect little card to send a simple message.

Here are a few samples....

Mom Card

Another Mom Card

Save the Date

We're Moving

Thank You
Another option with this card is on the front where it says "Thank You" we could change this to be your new Initial or Last Name

To win???
Leave a comment saying what type of mini card you would like.
Winners will be drawn at random.
Should you win you will be asked to send a photo and I'll design your card for you.
**Photos from professional photographers will not be accepted without written consent, such as a release form**
You have until Sunday night to enter. Winners will be announced on Monday.
Good Luck!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Hmmm, I would like to have a save the date card...could use for my
30th b-day party. :)

Anonymous said...

Great cards:) I would like a introducing baby card:)

Janis Nicolle

Jennifer said...

Ahhh...those are cute....they would be perfect for the long forgotten "announcing the birth of Lucas" cards that I had all intentions to get done...ooopps...still cute for family keepsakes. Better late then never right. :)

Heather said...

LOVE the pink card...would be great to say thank you to Ericas friends for coming to her birthday party or thanking hockey coaches for wonderful year!!

Stephanie said...

They are cute. I like the Thank-you card but for a new baby not a wedding

Anonymous said...

Put me in for I'm moving card in Nov


Bobbi-Ann said...

I would have to say probably the Thank You card but for Ethan's Birthday Party in May, perfect way to say thank you to all his friends for everything :)


Myrna Hynes said...

Would I be able to have Thank you (baby shower) cards please? I love these, they look great!