March 12, 2010

Cousin Ken Strikes Again

Don't ya just love when people play out their marital troubles all over Facebook?
Kristen & I are quite entertained by our weekly dose of Soap Opera drama by the same 3-4 couples :)
To the point that we've even contemplated doing our own "mock fight" on Facebook just to see what would
I know we're strange like that.
However lately, we have been acting silly on Facebook. For example, the other day Kristen commented on one of my status updates with "make my supper woman!"
And then last night Kristen sat out on our front porch with a cigar (recently given to him by a friend who just got back from Mexico) and a glass of Cuban rum.
He brought his mobile with him and felt to the need to write this on my wall
"Hey I'm out front....need a top up on my rum"
To which I replied....
"hey I'm putting your youngster to bed, get your own top up :)"
Kristen responded with....
And then Cousin Ken felt he should weigh in on the conversation.....if you don't know who cousin Ken is, read THIS POST here

This was his comment....

"Maybe you shouldn't have shot the deer, he may have been more receptive to a top up.

While I was hunting in the forest,
I could not believe my luck.
There out in the clearing,
stood a gorgeous 10 point buck.

I got a little closer,
my footsteps they were light.
I raised my trusty rifle,
and got the buck in sight.

I was about to pull the trigger,
and then I almost choked.
It was then the buck he turned to me,
and suddenly he spoke!!

"Mr Hunter please, I beg you,
I know I'm just a deer.
But if you spare my meager life,
I will always fill your beer."

I thought of his proposal,
for some time it made me think.
A life of relaxation,
with a deer to fill my drink.

It was then I killed the begger,
shot him 6 times,
maybe more.
"I don't need your stinking offer,
that's what my wife is for"

another original by K Whiteway

Thanks Ken :)
Oh and by the way....that dumb deer is STILL in my dining room.....geesh!


Anonymous said...

lmao...that's hiliarious. You cousin Ken is quite the

Heather said...

oh my.....Ken isn't related to us is he?? He's a different breed...just kidding! Love your posts--and Ken just adds to the fun!!!

vicki said...

That's awesome!!

Also want to mention that i love love love your new pics of you!!!

Myrna Hynes said...

Does Cousin Ken have a blog of his own? Cause a blog of his poems would be frikkin hilarious!!

Cousin Ken said...

Cousin Ken is chiming in,
'cause he doesn't have a blog.
Some folks have told me that I should,
write my poems down in a log.

Keep track of them for future use,
so that others they can look.
At my poems, so great
they'll love not hate,
works published in a book.

It's true you see,
that a man like me.
Is truly a different breed.
Some might think that I'm bad
or totally mad,
but my humour is what you need.

You may think that I'm strange
or I might be deranged.
I'm different, this is true
But I'm really not lying
Heather there's no denying,
that by blood I'm related to you.

Keep smiling folks