March 11, 2010

4 Things I Love

1. Purex Baby Soft
This stuff is and smells great. It's WAY better than Ivory Snow. I even use it for my own clothes when I run out of the regular laundry detergent.

2. Swiffer
Wet, dry, vacuum, I love it all. Take that Boone's fur!!!

3. Promo Videos
Please check out Jasmine Star's latest promo video by clicking HERE! It'll blow your socks off.

4. Fearless Artists
Love love love Promise Tangeman
I consider her a fearless artist and beautiful too! Check out her work, she's super inspiring!


Anonymous said...

PUREX BABY SOFT IS THE BEST!! love, love love it!!! I just cant seem to find one for HE washer!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the purex baby soft. That's all I bought as well.
I just bought the swiffer wet jet. BEST INVENTION EVER!!! :)

Tara said...

LOVED the Jasime Star video...WOW. She is GORGEOUS!