March 17, 2010

Comfort Sounds

My mom always and still does laundry on Monday's
As a teenager, during the summer months I loved sleeping in. But Monday's often woke me earlier than I wanted to the sound of the washer spinning out Mom's next load of laundry.
And being an older washer it often cluncked against the wall, or shook across the floor.
It aggravated me so much.
Jesse was up at 6:10 this morning.
Since its cheaper for us to use water before 7am I decided to put on a load of laundry.
Motivated by our last ridiculously high hydro bill :(  and with this awesome weather I'll be hanging it out to dry as soon as the sun comes around to the back of our house.
I also decided that I was going to go back to bed for 20 min before Kristen went to work, since he could watch Jesse while he was eating his breakfast.
I got in bed and I heard the washer filling up, spinning out, rinse get the idea.
But I wasn't was comforting.
It was a sound of my childhood and it made me happy. No 20 minute nap and all.
Speaking of remembering things from childhood...PLEASE read Myrna's post from yesterday.
Though my childhood wasn't exactly like hers, I can relate so closely to much of it.
It'll give you a further glimpse into the person that I am and where I'm from. I hope to eventually do my own version if my creative juices cooperate.
Happy Wednesday :)


couz Heather said...

...I Wish Monday was my only wash day !! NO SUCH LUCK HERE!!
Enjoy your St. Patricks day and be sure to make something GREEN to far we have milk, green cheez whiz, green jello jigglers, green pop, green cookies and muffins,green eggs, and for supper its shephards pie with green potato....LOL yeh feeling a little green today LOL

Christa said...

Heather you're on green overload! I am wearing green but that's it for today.

I hear ya my laundry is never all done on Monday. Mom is just good at what she does I guess :)

spiffykerms said...

What? lol the water is cheaper to use before 7AM? I don't get it, why is that?

Christa said...

Before 7am and after 9pm its cheaper rates for water use. I guess in between those times it's higher usage. Oh and Sat/Sun is cheaper too, so do your laundry on the weekend if you can :)